Exploring the Secret of Portland Street in Hong Kong

Portland Street is one of the most popular streets in Kowloon, Hong Kong. it runs north-south and parallel to (and west of) Nathan Road, a main thoroughfare up the Kowloon peninsula, Portland Street extends through the districts of Yau Ma Tei and Mong Kok in Kowloon. The street is known for its business and retailing skyscraper complex Langham Place, massage parlours, karaoke, hostess bars, numerous restaurants and its famous red-light district. With it’s dizzying and chaotic array of neon signs the area has also become a popular place for movie makers.


Travel in Portland Street in Hong Kong

The highlights of Portland Street in Hongkong have marked the history of tourist destinations around the world. Hong Kong was considered one of the most visited places by tourists in the whole world. Extending through the districts of Yau Ma Tei and Mong Kok is the highly urbanised Portland Street, also referred to as “Tile Street” owing to the abundance of shops selling home renovation materials and household goods. This area has often set the scene for international films.


Cheap but Decilious Dish in Portland Street

When you visit the Portland Street specifically in Mongkok, you will see there are a lot of restaurants which offer spicy noodles soup along with other Chinese cuisine that is suitable for your budget. You have a lot of choices to choose from especially if you are in Chinese cuisines. Their traditional Chinese noodle is also available. So if you are in Hong Kong and you are thinking of places to visit, you can go to Portland Street in Hong Kong and have a try.


Portland Street—The Famous Red Light Area in Hong Kong

Portland Street is famous in its red light city district where movies that are filmed in Hong Kong are usually taken. Mong Kok includes part of Portland Street which is a major Hong Kong red light area. Portland street has many brothels run by the Chinese Triad.


Portland Street in Hong Kong is also famous of their legally operated massage parlor, karaoke bars and brothels though the authorities have been very vigilant with their operations especially with their workers making sure that they are not under aged and they have not overstayed for those who has working visas.


Portland street is very long, some is decorated by stone shop, but most limited space is full of all nightclub, sauna, karaoke bars.


Portland street seems to be just a ordinary street at the day time, without any special, but at night, immediately live flesh up.



All kinds of advertising of Entertainment, it is very exaggerated.


There are many enthusiasm and vigorous massage girls in street, some joy matinee word is full of temptation.


In some doors of the apartment, there are many more exaggerated ads, people can all know the meaning of it.


All kinds of the streetwalkers have begun to do the business. A girl who slung over Lv bag are looking around, talking to a man accosted, then…..


The frenzy night in Portland street….


Shopping in Portland Street:

There is a very famous shopping mall in Portland Street in Hong Kong—Langham Place Shopping Mall, which is also located in the area (famous for having a huge escalator), it is a 167,000 square meter (1.8 million square foot) shopping centre, theatre, hotel and office tower complex opened on Portland Street.


The mall was nothing special, no cheap stuff to find, very fancy. Since its opening, Langham Place and surrounding areas has become a popular night-time destination for both locals and tourists.


Some Other Famous Landmarks Near Portland Street:

1. Peak Tram which is a Hong Kong railway that offers wonderful views around Hong Kong.


2. The Clock Tower, it is one of the most visited places in Hong Kong , the Tsim Sha Tsui which also has a lot of shopping centers along its vicinity.


3. The Jade Market- a market for jade stones on Hongkong



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    Portland Street must be a great place to stop by while visiting Hong Kong. It seem to have a little bit of everything, from shops and restaurants to night clubs and bars to landmarks and more. I’ll definitely visit this place when I return to Hong Kong. Thanks for sharing this post!


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