“Fair of Shenzhen”–East Gate Old Street

d_sdsd16Location: Luohu District
Opening hour: 9am-12pm
Bus: 102; 103A; 103B; 106; 113; 11; 1; 203; 206; 211; 300A, 300B, 300
Subway: Line1; Line3 (Laojie Station, Exit A)

As the “Fair of Shenzhen”, the East Gate Old Street (Dongmen Laojie) has witnessed the history of the city’s development. It is the historical and cultural accumulation of the city.

East Gate Old Street, east to the Dongmen Middle Road, west to the Xinyuan Road, north to the Lixin Road and south to the Shennan Road, occupies a total area of 176,000 square meters. After Shenzhen became the Special Economic Zone, the East Gate Old Street rightfully turned into the earliest commercial center, leading the consumption trends of the city. From distinctive shops selling traditional commodities to temples, ancient bell and century-old trees, the fair is of distinctive Lingnan features. According to official statistic, the old street receives 300,000 visitors everyday and an annual turnover of over 8 billion Chinese Yuan. As an integration of sightseeing, catering, leisure and shopping, the street has become an iconic commercial district in Shenzhen.

Many famous names, ranging from high end to generic brand, have stationed here, include the first McDonald chain restaurant in China. Among the stores and buildings, there are also many humanistic street sites, including the Millennium Bell in the square, Bronze Cameo, Siyue College and other sculptures.

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    Shenzhen is quit good place but one thing must be remain all visitors Malaysia especially in train station because the smoking place if want throw the cigarettes must see around because the fucking china police want catch especially Malaysia visitors


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