Famous Bars on Maoming South Road

6Oriented south and north, located in the original Shanghai French Concession, Maoming South Road is a road with abundant historical background. People can appreciate careful architectural style along the road, attractive green, and even a little sophisticated chic entrance door light.


7The most famous Maoming Road Bar Street refers to the part from Fuxing Road to Yongjia Road among which cafes and bars placed closely side by side. For most people, charm of this street appears at night. When nigh falls, bar lights twinkle on both sides. With gentle Jazz music, the road seems to bring you to another space. Here you can fully enjoy mystery and excitement of the night. Midnight unveils a heaven of young people. Speaking English would match the road more, since it’s one of foreigners’ gather places in Shanghai.

1, Gold Wheel Cafe & Wine金轮咖啡红酒吧

1Located on Maoming South Road, Gold Wheel Cafe & Wine is a wine bar as well as a café offering a menu of Indian cuisine. Grand red sofas, interesting decoration and cozy ambiance give customer the feeling of being in a café rather than a wine bar. In this relaxed and comfortable space, staffs are friendly and the wine menu is going to meet all your tastes. Only basic wines are offered by glass, cost 42RMB. Wines are imported from good chateaus worldwide, such as Borsao 2010 from Spain, 210RMB; Escudo Rojo 2010 from Chile, 328RMB; De Bortoli 2012 from Australia, 210RMB. The bar also provides a large selection of food. Spicy bacon pasta at 48RMB is recommended. It’s a comfortable resort to sip wine and enjoy some food.

Address: No.56 Maoming South Road, Huangpu District


Phone: 021-52664609    电话: 021-52664609

2, Wine & Cocktail Lounge Sky Bar空中酒廊

2Wine & Cocktail Lounge Sky Bar is on the 33rd level of Okura Garden Hotel. The bar is highlighted with the theme of light. Contrasting design between bright and dim, splendid and soft turn this bar into an attractive wonderland. Modern large wine cabinets store up an abundant menu of various wines and cocktails. Other drinks and French snacks are also available here and a live Jazz performance adds to the fun in your visit. The tranquil place is a good alternative to have a drink and talk with friends. The whole night view of Huaihai Road is at your feet.

Address: 33/F Okura Garden Hotel, 58 Mao Ming South Road, Huangpu District


Phone: 021-64151111-5219    电话: 021-64151111-5219

3. Side Bar上海软式飞镖酒吧

3Situated in Shishanggu, Side Bar is a professional soft darts bar. The bar is well equipped with 8 DARTSLIVE2 which are currently world’s most advanced soft darts machines, a Touchlive, 2 Steel Darts roads, and a pool-billiard table. The sports bar live broadcasts world’s major sport events and darts games. Professional bartenders are ready to mix hundreds of cocktails and drinks for you. Bar owner will bring the latest darts and imported wines from abroad at fixed period. Happy hour runs from 18:00 to 21:00. Four recommended cocktails and all beers, buy one get one free. Side Bar is a good place for darts games and drinks.

Address: 56 Shishanggu, 56 Maoming South Road, Huangpu District


Phone: 021-32262577    电话: 021-32262577

4, Bar Constellation酒池星座

4Bar Constellation at Yongjia Road is the second branch of Constellation in Shanghai. It has become one of Shanghai’s most popular cocktail bars. All their three venues offer wide selection of top cocktails. This new and spacious place creates a warm and cozy ambiance for customers. This Japanese style bar is old and exotic, because of its location in French Concession. In this intimate setting, you can enjoy their quality drinks along or have a conversation with your best friends. Whiskey is the most recommended drinks. Bartenders are all knowledgeable and humorous.

Address: 2/F, 33 Yongjia Road, near Maoming Nan Road, Huangpu District


Phone: 021-54655993    电话: 021-54655993

5, DE REFTER比利时餐厅啤酒吧

5De Refter, a cozy Belgian style Brasserie in Shanghai, offers more than 50 Belgian beers. Some of these beers are not available anywhere else in Shanghai. The bar provides an intimate and relaxing ambiance with casual decoration which makes itself an ideal place for enjoying a night with friends, family or yourself and a book. You will forget you are in Shanghai. Signature De Refter Fries is what you can’t miss in this bar. Happy hour runs from 4pm to 8:05pm, Sunday to Friday. All drafts are just 30 RMB. Almost the best happy hour in Shanghai.

Address: 181 Jinxian Road (near Maoming South Road), Huangpu District


Phone: 021-32302595    电话: 021-32302595

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