Famous Pedestrian Streets in Shanghai (1) – Nanjing Road

Nanjing Road is the main shopping district in Shanghai, and one of the world’s busiest pedestrian streets. Nanjing Road has a history of more than 100 years. It was original called Park Lane, later in 1865 official named Nanjing Road. Up to this day, Nanjing Pedestrian Street has become a light spot in Shanghai’s nightlife. South side of the street lays a 7meters wide sightseeing lane. During 8am to 10pm every day, sightseeing buses run through the street in low speed. Central part of the street stand s a square which is called Century Square. Covering an area of 8800 square meters, Century Square is equipped with “golden ground” which is designed for performances and shows.


Hundreds of modern commercial buildings, historical Chinese shops and specialties stores gather here. Delight lights create an exciting environment of Shanghai’s nightlife. People love to enjoy cozy ambiance and pick up a bargain or taste delicious food after dark in Nanjing Road Pedestrian Street. At night, the whole Nanjing road is colorful and lights flashing. You eyes are fulfilled beautiful scenery under bright lights. Even no shopping, just walking under the neon light, you will enjoy the romantic atmosphere. Here we list a travel guide for those who has a plan to visit this famous street.

1, Time-honored Brand in Pedestrian Street

1.1, Laoda Fang 老大房

Most distinctive food here must be smoked fish and Fresh Pork Moon Cake, especially the sugar layer of the fish. It is made of ancestral secret recipe. Crispy skin, soft and sweet fillings, full of fish scent. Fresh Pork Moon Cake only uses the most fresh meat paste, baking through 260° environment.

1.2, Shao Wan Sheng 邵万生

Shao Wan Sheng specializes in self-marking food of rice wine dreg. Drunken mud snails and drunken crabs are not only famous in Shanghai; also receive reputation in Southeast Asia, Hong Kong and Macao.


Shao Wan Sheng

1.3, Cai Tong De 蔡同德

When it was founded, Cai Tong De includes a front shop and a back factory. The front shop sells pill, powder, plaster, Dan, glue, dew, medicinal liquor and prescription. The back factory decocts donkey skin, tortoise plastron, tiger-bone, deer-bone and other self-made plasters and medicinal liquor. Cai Tong De became one of the four main pharmacies in Shanghai with its Tiger-bone papaya wine and Dong Tian Chang Chun Gao. It has won fame both at home and abroad.

2, Nanjing Road: A Shopping Paradise

2.1, Shanghai Landmark Plaza 上海置地广场

Shanghai Landmark Plaza is situated in central part of Nanjing Road. You can easily get there by Metro line 2 at East Nanjing Road Station. Established in 1997, this plaza has 10 storeys. Popular brands of various categories gathered together. Clothing, cosmetics, shoes, household, everything one expects to find is available here. An outlet mall is set on the underground layer 2. Seek carefully, there will be a harvest.


Shanghai Landmark Plaza

2.2, Orient Shopping Center 东方商厦

As the first shopping mall in the west of Nanjing Road, Orient Shopping Center mainly operates middle and high grade brands and takes young fashion people as its target customers. The big shopping center covers an area of 25000 square meters. Layer 1 to 8 offer goods of cosmetics, jewelry, watches, gifts, clothing, leather, sports leisure and home supplies, totally 9 categories. The 9th floor is a dining level. Customers can enjoy a hearty meal here after doing some shopping downstairs.

2.3, Shanghai NO.1 Department Store上海市第一百货商店

Located in China’s Premier Street, Nanjing Road, Shanghai NO.1 Department Store is an old and famous shopping center in Shanghai. This 8-storey center offers more than 40 thousand kinds of goods ranging from general merchandise, clothing, knitted and cotton goods, leather and shoes, to furniture.

3, Nightlife on Nanjing Road – Popular Bars

3.1, 789 Bar

5789 Bar is a great place to experience relaxation and leisure. Situated on 65th and 66th floor of Shanghai Le Royal Meridien, 789 Bar possesses the essence element of delicate lounge and passionate nightclub. On the 65th layer, luxurious crimson armchairs composed a clustered seating area for you to have a quiet conversation with friends. Upstairs has a dance floor and live DJ, playing the latest modern music, invite you to enjoy a passionate dance night. Both levels get a good view of the whole city skyline. Creative cocktail menu is prepared for you, including the tempting signature Shangpolitan Cocktail.

Address: 65-66/F, Shanghai Le Royal Meridien, 789 East Nanjing Road, Huangpu District


Phone: 021-33189999 Ext. 56500/56600    电话: 021-33189999 Ext. 56500/56600

Average price: CNY132    人均: 132元

3.2, Jazz Bar in Fairmont Peace Hotel 和平饭店爵士吧

6The cozy Jazz Bar at the Fairmont Peace Hotel has an atmosphere almost akin to a medieval castle, with gothic chandeliers, dark wood beams, stone pillars and heavy red drape curtains. The highlight is the band that play nightly from 7.30-10pm, a charming group of mostly octogenarians in matching braces and bow ties, who first played at the Peace Hotel in 1980. The place is almost always packed for their slow-paced standards; mostly with Chinese tourists. You will have a fresh and unforgettable moment here.

Address: 1/F, Fairmont Peace Hotel, 20 Nanjing East Road (near Zhongshan East First Road), Huangpu District


Phone: 021-63216888    电话: 021-63216888

Average price: CNY147    人均: 147元

3.3 M1NT

7M1NT is a club, a bar as well as a high-end restaurant. This is one of the most luxurious clubs in Shanghai. Located on the top floor of Pidemco Tower, M1NT offers a great view of the Bund. This club offers membership only. If you want to get an entrance, you’d better get a membership card or phone ahead and reserve a table. Decoration here is elegant and luxurious. Both Chinese and foreign young people like dancing here. Drinks are definitely experience.

Address: 24F, Pidemco Tower, NO.318 Fuzhou Road (close to Middle Shandong Road), Huangpu District


Phone: 021-63912811    电话: 021-63912811

Average price: CNY369    人均: 369元

4, Transportation Guide

Metro Line 1, People’s Square Station

Metro Line 2, East Nanjing Road Station or People’s Square Station

Metro Line 8, People’s Square Station

Bus: 20, 37, 921, 18, 17, 22, 55, 21, 23

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