Fantastic Art:Suzhou Embroidery

Suzhou embroidery originates in Suzhou Wuxian area, and now has spread to a lot of areas. Qing Dynasty is the heyday of embroidery. At that time, schools of embroidery multiplied and famous producers competed with each other. Suzhou embroidery possesses the unique style of beautiful images, ingenious ideas, delicate works, lively stitches and elegant colors. Characteristics of Suzhou embroidery are flat, neat, harmonious, light, smooth and uniform.

The classification of Suzhou embroidery is various . Here will introduce one general classification. According to the appearance, Suzhou embroidery can be assorted into two categories, Single-sided embroidery and double-sided embroidery.

1.Single-sided embroidery

91The so-called single-sided embroidery is made by embroidering a single-sided image on the basal material. The image can be about flowers, characters, animals or portraits. The single-sided embroidery is usually hung on the walls in a board decorated with Chinese or western style’s frame so that it can be viewed by people carefully. One of the features of single-sided embroidery is delicate works. Due to the moderate price and high rate of quality, single-sided embroidery is more popular among the public compared with double-sided embroidery. Its market share is high.

2. Double- sided embroidery

92The double -sided embroidery is produced through embroidering pros and cons on the same bottom material during the same manufactural process. The images on the both sides share same shapes and pictures. Both sides can be appreciated by people. In the art of Suzhou embroidery, double-sided embroidery is a pearl of the art crown, which embodies the skill level of Suzhou embroidery. Embroidery artists in Wuxian can make double-faced three-dimensional embroidery which resembles sculpture and has different colors on two sides. One representative is named The Booming of Clouds and Dragon. There is a golden dragon on one side and a silver dragon on the other side. The high technology of double-sided embroidery makes people gasp with admiration.

when you travelling in Suzhou, Suzhou embroidery is absolutely a wonderful souvenir which you are worth to possess.

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