Farmhouses in Beijing’s Suburb

Going to the suburbs can be a lot of fun. There you can take a deep breath of the fresh air, feel the beauty of nature and enjoy the farmhouse meals. Mostly situated in the area of the Great Wall of China, those farmhouses provide organic home-grown products and rural recipes which is very delicious. Here are some recommendations for you.

Hubin Nongjia Villa (Lakeside Farmhouse Villa)
bengSituated by the Miyun Reservoir, the Hubin Nongjia Villa offers delicious and affordable local food. It was the appointed restaurant for “King Fish Food Festival” for two consecutive years. Recommended dishes here are Mussels stewed with tofu and Chestnuts and peas wotou.

Address: Xiweng village, Miyun County, Beijing
Tel: 010-61021032
Transportation: Public bus No. 980 is available at Dongzhimen. Get off at Miyun, take bus No.12 and get off at Yunhu Resort.

Gucheng Renjia Farmhouse
guchengLocated in the west of Miyun Reservior, Gucheng Renjia Farmhouse enjoys fresh air, nice scenery and convenient transportation. The farmhouse holds various standard rooms and perfect eatery facilities. Farm tours, car travel and pick-up service are available.

Address: Shitanglu village, Shicheng Town, Miyun County, Beijing
Tel: 010-61025356 13910322688
Transportation: Public bus No. 980 and No. 987 is available at Dongzhimen. Get off at Miyun and call the host.

Tanji Farmhouse at Fenghuangling
tanjiTanji Farmhouse offers accommodation, entertainment, leisure tour as well as delicious and affordable meals. With elegant and simple decorations, Tanji Farmhouse is a great place to relax and go for an outing.

Address: Cheerying Folk Village, Phoenix Ridge, Haidian District, Beijing
Tel: 010-62487513      13161032570     13146160021     13716959973
Transportation: Public bus No. 346 is available at Dongzhimen. Get off at Phoenix Ridge and call the host.

Lao Li’s Inn at Huanghuacheng Great Wall
laoliThe farmhouse is located under the well-known Huanghuacheng water Great Wall Scenic Area, where you can enjoy the natural senery. Lao Li’s Inn houses a fishing pound with trees and bridges around. The well-equipped farmhouse often receives foreign travelers. Here is an ideal place for Great Wall hiking and mountain climbing.

Address: Huanghuacheng reservoir, Huairou District, Beijing
Tel: 010-61651211     13693514508
Transportation: Public bus No. 916 is available at Dongzhimen. Get off at Huairou Local Tax Bureau and take the bus across the street to Huanghuacheng reservoir.

Yicaihong Farmhouse
yicaihongLocated under the Mutianyu Great Wall, Yicaihong Farmhouse is close to Yanxi Lake, Shentangyu Valley, and Hongluo Scenic Area. Rich in minerals, the water here is ideal for rainbow trout, golden trout, salmon, sturgeon and other cold-water fish. The local food here is very delicious.

Address: Lotus Pond Village, Yanxi Lake Town, Huairou District, Beijing
Tel: 010-61629351 13716736900 13501257679
Transportation: Public bus No. 916 is available at Dongzhimen. Get off at Huairou and take a mini bus for Lotus Pond.

Huyang Farmhouse
huyangCovering an area of about 1,000 square meters, Huyang Farmhouse houses a farm pond, the pavilion, Tukang, standard room rooms with private bathroom, air-conditioning and color TV. The food here is natural and organic, which includes authentic farmhouse coarse grains, edible wild herbs and others.

Address: Dashuiyu Village, Qinglong Valley, Huairou District, Beijing
Tel: 010-89616598   18602079551
Transportation: Public bus No. 936 is available at Dongzhimen. Get off at Qinglong Scenic Area and then walk to Dashuiyu Village.

Beijing Shuntong Leisure Resort
shuntongSurrounded by Foshan Mountains, Beijing Shuntong Leisure Resort is located under the famous Jiankou Great Wall. Due to the unique geographical surrounding, the farmhouse enjoys a beautiful environment with green forest, wild orchards and crystal spring.

Address: Tianxianyu Village, Bohai Town, Huairou District, Beijing
Tel: 010-61626088 61626347
Transportation: Public bus No. 916 is available at Dongzhimen. Get off at Huairou International Conference Center and then take a taxi to the farmhouse.

Longjuge Farmhouse
longjugeLongjuge Farmhouse provides local food, accommodation, spa bath and karaoke. The water for the spa is taken from 2,000 meters underground spring water, which is rich in minerals. The services here are good and the local specials are decilious.

Address: Jingshilong Ski Resort area, Yanqing District, Beijing
Tel: (010)69190204
Transportation: Public bus No. 919 is available at Deshengmen. Get off at Yanqin and then take No. 920 and get off at the ski resort, then call the host.

Zhengjia Courtyard
zhenjiaZhengjia Courtyard is located in the Jingdong Grand Canyon Scenic Area. Opened in 1995, the farmhouse is one of the earliest popular households receiving tourists in this area. It now has a great reputation among tourists.

Address: Yuzishan Village, Jingdong Grand Canyon, Pinggu District, Beijing
Tel: 13621072056    13439163129       010-60968180
Transportation: Public bus No. 918 is available at Dongzhimen at 7.30am.

Tongfuju Farmhouse
tongfujuThis place is a typical old Beijing courtyard. Inside the house, you can hear water gurgling. The owner of the farmhouse is a football star as well as a big fan of calligraphy. This calm place is a great choice if you want a short visit or have a cup of tea.

Address: Shidu Folk Village, Fangshan District, Beijing
Tel: 010-61347098     15801394118    15311065968
Transportation: Public bus No. 917 is available at Tianqiao.

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