Finding Beijing Escorts through Wechat(weixin) and Momo

imagesWeChat, also known as Weixin meaning “micromessage” in Chinese,  is a foreigner-friendly  chat application released by Tencent. Like Wechat, Momo is also a chat application used in China but not as popular as Wechat. It is estimated that about 85% – 90% of the people in Beijing are using Wechat or Weixin. One of the big parts of its success of it is that WeChat allows users to communicate in small, private circles of friends, as well as send text messages and voice messages for free. For the time being, a large number of China-based expats used Wechat to find Beijing Escort nearby.  If you have no idea about the usage of Wechat or Momo, you can read the article “How to Use WeChat (Weixin) Correctly”  and “Using Momo to Meet the Friendly Chinese Girl“ first.

How to Find Beijing Escorts Nearby?

wechat-app-shake1. Searching nearby

If you want to find escorts or girls to have sex in Beijing on Wechat, you’d better know a little Chinese language as most girls using Wechat in Beijing are Chinese. While with the help of Google translation, you may know the general meaning of the Chinese.


Asian-Americans-on-WeChatThere are two main approaches to find girls near your location. One is the “shake it” function and the other one is the function named “Nearby”. Shaking for phone and after a while there will be a Wechat user show on you screen. You can judge the if she is near you according to the distance info. Compared with “shake it”, the “nearby” function is more convenient for you to find girls close to you.

下载2. Judging If Girls are Escorts or Working Girls

Generally speaking, if girls are escorts or working girls, you may find many sexy and beautiful pictures of themselves in their personal data. They usually do not have personal signature, only offer phone number or QQ number. Also, the ones with QQ or numbers can be agency.  Additionally, if you can read Chinese, you will discover some young ladies’ Chinese signatures imply you can have sex for free with them which is named “约炮” in Chinese.

3. Making an Appointment with Escorts in Beijing

After you finding the escorts or working girls on Wechat, you can begin your chatting. Firstly, make sure if they can offer the services you need. Then, Talking about the prices she would charge you. Most importantly, you need to confirm if the pics of her on Wechat are real. If possible, you can ask her take a photo of herself and send to you. While you meet an agreement, you only need to tell her the your hotel address and wait for her arrival.

Being Careful with Wechat or Momo Scam

images (1)Since Wechat and Momo have been the choices of many foreigners’ to pick up girls in China, there have been scams in China. Until now, about 50 cases of crimes where suspects have made contact via WeChat have been reported around the country.

It is reported by Nanfang Insider that  the Wechat( Weixin) Random Hook Up Result in Scam in Dongguan.  Many criminals use Wechat to ask a meeting with strangers and then stealing from them.

Here is one scam happened in Shanghai,and if you encounter similar situation, you’d better be careful.  Criminals hired a group of young beautiful girls and asked them to get men’s info and lure men into traps.

images (2)The girls would use WeChat’s voice function to call the victims contacted by the chatter and guide them to a bar( run by one of the criminals) and wanted to have a drink together there. When the girl and victim arrived at the bar, the girl will ask the victim to buy her a toy bear( charges 150 RMB) which was sold at the entrance. If the victim was not willing to buy, the leader would told the girl to give up this target immediately and find another. While if the victim bought the toy bear, the criminal would make sure the victim was rich and sold overprice drinks to the victim. The prices of drinks ranges from several hundred RMB to 15000 RMB. In this case, there were 600 victims in total, and sadly, only 20 of the hoodwinked victims called police.

Moveover, please do not believe the WeChat posts claiming children were lost, abducted or needed help. Criminal usually leave the phone number and say if you have any clue, you will be rewarded by calling them. However, calling to these phone numbers will cost victim much money and there is no rewards at all.

As a fact that Wechat is newer than rival services such as QQ, it is poorly policed. The police warned residents to be alert when using the service, and do not to meet strangers who refused to identify themselves or asked to borrow things.

Websites to Find Beijing Escorts When Wechat Does not Work

201321223016617617It is impossible that you can find Beijing escort or working girl at any time via Wechat. Hence, apart from chinadaily and backpage,we are glad to recommend Beijing Escort Find to you. It is a website offering the useful escort info in Beijing.

No matter you  need an escort girl or boy or even shemale, you may find the info you need there. The website updates its content regularly so that you can get new Beijing escort info from time to time. Many escort girls have reviews in their ads which are good references for you when making choices.

Finding Beijing Escort on Wechat is Breaking the Chinese Law

As we all know, prostitution is not allowed in China, and especially in Beijing, the capital of China. Having sex with an escort found on Wechat is equal to prostitution which is not allowed by Chinese law.  Despite the cops usually turn their eyes away from it most time they find foreigners with their escorts in 4/5 stars hotels, you will be punished if someone reports you to the police.

Wechat and Momo are great apps to make friends and find girls in Beijing, but they also can be the root of criminal, so we hope you can use Wechat and Momo properly.

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  1. Franc

    I agree they that most girls on wechat usually have some problems otherwise why would they offer free sex? I’m a regular hunter on wechat and trust me there’s good free sex on wechat and momo but you must be patience or just use one of the escort service. I hangout wechat almost every night and connect about 20 to 30 girls whom i would regularly chat with for a few days before inviting them out. You would not score always 95% of the time on the first date but you could get lucky on the second or third date. Sometimes when you are really lucky you’ll meet a girl whom wants revenge on an faithful boyfriend and these are the ones that would fuck you even on the first date. For those whom is reading this here’s a horny young 90′s aspiring model wechat – gigisu90
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