Finding the Escorts in Shanghai After the Unannounced Raids of Prostitution

Prostitution is illegal in China, but there is still estimated 2.7 million to 6 million sex workers operate from establishments including karaoke bars, hair salons, saunas and massage parlors in China. Recently, a Chinese campaign against prostitution that started in the city of Dongguan has spread across Guangdong province and also expand to other provinces, these provinces including Zhejiang, Gansu, Shandong, Guangxi, Heilongjiang, Jiangxi, Shanghai.etc which have also conducted their own vice raids in recent days, they have mounted large-scale campaigns against prostitution and the sex trade.


The Danger of Rampant Prostitution in Shanghai

Shanghai, as one of the largest scaled cities in China, the number of sex workers has grown to incredible level, the rate of prostitution in Shanghai has been rising every year since 1982. The existence of these sex trades has affected the healthy development of Shanghai, brought harm to the youths’ minds, contaminated the social ethos and disrupted the social order, so, currently, the Shanghai government announced that they will be assigning police strength in different region of Shanghai to monitor illicit sex activities. They will be in an effort to the unannounced raids of prostitution in Shanghai.


The Measures to Get Raided in Shanghai

So now in Shanghai, according to provisions, all unlicensed, unlicensed hair salons, foot bath shop, massage shop must be on the date of announcement to stop all activities, the shopkeeper, practitioners who engaged in obscene must be surrendered to the public security organ, if the shops don’t stop the pornographic activities, the police will adopt coercive measures to ban, because of these items, there are few massage shops or independent escort girls or streetwalker you can see in Shanghai.


The Massage Places Still Opened in Shanghai

After wiping out pornography in shanghai, when you are travelling in this city, you may feel really hard to find some pleasures, don’t worry, the following is a list of some still opened massage shops, sauna centers for your reference.

1. Lotus Sauna (English Speaking)

1387705945176Located at a Stars Hotel on the Wanhangdu Road in Jing’an District, Lotus Sauna offers excellent service and over 30 extremely beautiful girls for you to choose. The sauna provides a full package of services to relax your body and mind. Sauna bath , rest rooms and complimentary food and drinks are all available. This sauna runs on a booking system so please make a reservation with Jeff (client service manager) in advance. When you arrive, please say Jeff to the receptionist of the sauna.

2. Jinxing Business Club

This sauna center is located in Xuhui district, it has a new decoration, the facilities is completely new. There are big bath and sauna room in this club. There are also has a large lounge, and independent room, rest indoor facilities, the room is very light and clean. There is a total of more than 10 massage technicians in this club, the rate is Nuru massage(shuimo 水磨) is 898rmb, if you call lingshuang manager in adcance, you can enjoy the price at 690rmb.

3. Junyuan Senior Club

The club has a new decoration, the facilities is completely new. There are big bath and sauna room in this club. Bubble pool central with an LCD TV, with independent bathroom and shower with articles for daily use are also good. After bath equipment such as hair dryer should have five available. There are also has a large lounge, and independent room, rest indoor facilities.

4. Lan Yue Sauna Club

Lanyue sauna clubs in located in Minhang district, The geographical position is superior, it has been decorated with business stylr, the facilities are all new. The hall is magnificent, lights are bright. The bathroom is bigger than any other places, it is the best place to entertain clients, wash bath with cleaning products are all brand. Room can accommodate up to many people, the TV and air conditioning hung on the wall with oversized mirror make people enjoy the visual impact, you can enjoy more colourful dance at the same time bring you a visual impact.

5. Shanghai Hotel Leisure Sauna Club

Shanghai Hotel is on the street behind the Hilton. The environment of the Massage club on the second floor is really very nice. Once you pass the entrance they lead you to the locker room where you undress in front of potential other customers on the locker boys and are provided with a towel. Next room is shower/bath area to wash up if you didn’t book the Suimo/Nuru massage where you wash up in the room. Facilities are generally clean with shower gel/shampoo provided.


The Website Offering the Escort Girls in Shanghai

Shanghai Escort Find: It provides the newest escort in Shanghai and you can also read the reviews of girls or share your experiences with girls here. So if you want to find the professional escort service in Shanghai, you can search this website, the following are some ads from those reputable escorts in Shanghai:


1. Jolin

Hello, everybody, I am a beautiful and sexy girl with hot body and smooth skin,  the picture is my real picture, when you see me, you will know, I have a real D-Cup (nature) and a slim body. I can be your pretty hot girl for tonight, if you like! You can have a real girlfriend experience with me, if you treat me nice, I will also be very nice to you, so why not see me tonight? So if you are interested in my service, don’t wait and give me a call now.

2. Beverly Jones

Hello, everybody, I’m an independent Escort girl who are living in Shanghai now, I think I’m a young, beautiful and attractive escort woman who is also very friendly to other people, the picture is my real picture, I have very sexy body and smooth skin, I like to make friends with gentlemen, I offer very unique outcall escort service, I really like this job because I can arrange my time by myself and I have had one year experience with extensive training. you can get a lot of fun from me. If your looking for a beautiful escort girl in Shanghai who can provide you a real girlfriend experience, I will be your best choice, so If you like me and my service, you can give me a call, I will try my best to serve for you and I can also offer service to couples or can bring a friend with me.

3. Cathy

Hi, boys, Hello, I’m a beautiful escort girl in Shanghai who has been highly trained, I usually start my sessions with a real deep tissue massage which very gradually becomes more and more sensual. If you have never experienced the fantastic time with a Chinese pretty escort girl, I think you can have a try, you will be crazy after experiencing that, I’m a clean, sweet and outgoing charming girl and like to make friend with you and have fun together. I can create an atmosphere where you can unwind. If you are interested in my service, you can also check my website to get more information and then give me a call.

4. Kitty

Hello, gentlemen, I’m a pretty escort girl in Shanghai, I am a typical sexy young Chinese girl, I enjoy my life and my job in Shanghai, I like to make friends with foreigners, I hope I can have a nice time with my clients, I can provide full service, just based on your need, if I enjoy, you also will enjoy much more. We can have a lot of sexy fun together, so if you are looking a sexy and lovely girl in Shanghai, just come to see me, I will be your best choice, and I will show you what I can provide you and make you happy, if you like me now, just give me a contact.

5. Nancy

Hello, everyone, I’m a pretty girl with hot body, I’m living in Shanghai now and want to study here. If you are staying alone during your trip in Shanghai, you can come to find me and I think I will be your best choice, I can try my best to give you special time in Shanghai.and I am a funny girl with fluent English. I can also provide you full serivce but no anal service, when you see me, you will feel like to play with me. So if you are interetse in my service just give me a call, I will look forward your coming!

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