Five Famous Gay Sauna Clubs in Hong Kong

Hong Kong as an international modern city, not only is one of the most well-known cities in Asia, but also a city where exits most gay clubs in Asia. There are five renowned HK gay sauna clubs which are highly recommended during your visit in Hong Kong if you want to experience the charm of Hong Kong sauna. They are Hu Tong Sauna, The Great Gay Sauna, My Way Sauna, Big Top and Club Houzz Sauna.

1. Hu Tong Sauna (胡同桑拿)

signage Hu Tong Sauna is the first 6-stars-rated gay sauna in Hong Kong.   It provides high quality and cheerful fun experience for the brothers at home and abroad. With the intentional design and decor, distinctive zones, you will have a different feeling. Lighting creates the mystery.

In spite of heavy patronage flow each day, Hu Tong keeps the store amenities clean and well maintained. All the sterilised towel and protection commodity are provided for free. In Hu Tong, you can find sunshine boys, handsome dudes and muscular men. If you want to have fun, come to Hu Tong  and have parties!

Address: 2/F, Kar Wong Building, 639-645 Shanghai Street, Mongkok, Kowloon, Hong Kong


Tel: +852-34842770

电话: +852-34842770

2.The Great Gay Sauna (大帝桑拿)

the_great_sauna_00-540x405_副本Opened on August 31, 2012, The Great Gay Sauna is currently the latest gay sauna. Lanzi, boss of this sauna, hope that The Great Sauna is different from the general gay sauna in Hong Kong. It will have a feeling of dating. So the decoration is very elegant and noble. She puts the special massage chairs in pairs, because she hopes the lovers can enjoy the massage hand in hand.

Fine and clean towel bags are available there. Each customer can take their own toothbrush and slippers into the club which guarantees the sanitation. Admission Entrance Fee: HKD $ 140.

Address: Hillwood Vista – Back 114-116 Austin Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong




3. MyWay Gay Sauna(My Way 香港同志桑拿)

Myway_Sauna_in02-540x360_副本MyWay is a youthful and dynamic sauna club. The equisite picture in the tile at the door is everyone’s favorite. Delicate counter will make you happy every day just like a holiday. Comfortable living room will make you feel relaxed. The retro furniture will make you as if back to traditional time. Everything will be prepared for you. It is equipped with welcome area, Companionship area, Recreational area, Bath&Sauna area,etc.

When you feel exhausted after visiting Causeway bay and shopping in Hysan Place, do not forget to relax yourselves in MyWay.

Address:340 Hennessy Road, 4th Floor, Wan Chai, Hong Kong


Tel: 852-25749098


4.BIG TOP Gay Sauna (BIG TOP 同志桑拿 )

1373446891614_副本BIG TOP Gym & Sauna is one of the latest gay club. Their facilities includes: comfortable and spacious TV hall, Internet bar and reading room in the first area; rest room and TV room in the second area. ADAM’S HOLE in the third area is a steam labyrinth designed of secret cave. Cock Bar Kitchen will provide free snacks and various kinds of Italian coffee. Original Price : HK$138. Promotion Price: HK$98. New comer would enjoy special offer $40 for the 2nd entry!

During typhoons and inclement weather, business as usual all the price is always the same, can stay until 3:00. For overnight stay until the next day, special price: $ 158.

Address:3/F, Yuet Yuen Building, 17-19, Mong Kok Road, Kowloon, Hong Kong


Tel: +852 26286196

电话:+852 26286196

5. Club Houzz Sauna (Club Houzz 桑拿)

clubhouzz-house-04-540x360 Club Houzz Sauna is one of the latest sauna clubs in Hong Kong. It possesses the exclusive facilities which consist of Bathing and Sauna Area, Entertainment District, Featured Dark Room Area and Pre-function Area.

Admission Fee: $120 ($130 Two Times in a week)


Special discounts and events:
(1) Happy Hour: Mon-Fri entry before 5 p.m. $65 (Except Public Holidays) 
(2) Special Discount for Student showing Student ID Card 
(3) $30 entrance fee for age 28 or under after 9PM

Address:4/F, Canton Plaza, 1125-1127, Canton Road, Mong Kok, Kowloon, Hong Kong


Tel: +852-34842770



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