Fortune Center in Singapore

Fortune Center is a interesting center in Singapore which is located in 190 Middle Road, you can there are many different kind of shops in this building, but sometimes, it also could easily be by-passed as an outdated mall with not much of interest. But still many people in Sinagpore think that Fortune Centre is a pretty fascinating place.

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On the retail end, this mall has innumerable shops selling crystals and Thai Buddhist amulets. For visitors to Singapore and even younger Singaporeans, this is a great place to explore. Besides that, Fortune Centre also has excellent vegetarian food restaurant throughout the building. This is a popular lunch place for those working in the area.


There are also some KTVs in this center, the girls in KTV are sexy and tempting, maybe the youngest only 21 and the other about 26 to 30. you may be easily attracted by those young girl who can also provide you a special service.


Inside fortune centre, you can also find different health center to provide solid massage, semi solid massage or chit chat massage with FJ. Walk around level one beside Japanese restaurant there is massage branch from Yan Ling (Sunshine Plaza). Move to level 2 there are two massage shops and one chit chat massage and one solid massage. When you go to Level 3 you have a few more and Bugis Health Centre, there are a variety of choices for you to choose.


Some Health Centers in Fortune Center in Singapore

1. Healthfit Massage Therapy

HealthFit Massage Therapy has been established since 2003. They aimed to provide the best therapeutic massage to our customers. Their friendly therapists are skilled and experienced. The Mission of this massage center is : Customers Happy with our Environment, Skills and Services.

2. Ibanwin Wellness Centre

Ibanwin Wellness Centre was set up in 2000. After a decade of clinical experience, our Wellness Centre has assembled an integrated approach to enhance our wellness through natural and non-invasive methods. Our body has self healing properties, and as long as our immunity system is strong, we will not be so susceptible to viruses and would be able to achieve good health and longevity. It is based on this underlying principle that Ibanwin Wellness Centre works towards reactivating our health through natural means such as fasting detoxification, liver and gallbladder detox, colon cleansing, physical therapies eg massage, counselling and others.

3. Choli Face and Body Spa

Choli Face and Body Spa aims to offer the best male facial spa experience in Singapore, together with a range of massage, body conditioning and scrub therapies. Choli is based in the Fortune Centre on Middle Road, although out-call services are available. By appointment only.

4. Bugis Health Centre

Bugis Health Centre is a massage parlor that provides body treatments at affordable prices. It is popular among both tourists and local people. You will be greeted by receptionist and then therapists will guide you to massage room. Therapists are all enthusiastic and professional. They will reduce you pain and stress with their skillful fingers. Massages can strengthen the immune system and improve wellness. Bugis Health Centre is such a professional massage center where you can receive wonderful and healthy massage.

How to Get to Fortune Center?

1. Nearest Bus Stop

Bus 56 and 980

Walking 1 mins from bus stop B07518

 2. Nearest MRT station

Bras Basah MRT (CC2)

Walking 5 mins from Exit E to here


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