Four Well-known Bars in Suzhou

If you want to relax yourselves at night in Suzhou, bars are the nice places for you to have fun. You can find bars large or small in each place where young people gather together. Here will introduce four well-known bars in Suzhou.

681. Suzhou SOS Storm Bar (苏州SOS风暴酒吧)

There are performances every day and parties every month in SOS Storm Bar. It is the first multi-functional bar in Suzhou which combines electronic music, culture, service, concept of visual art, dance, art into one body.


Address: Panxu Road No.826, Canglang District, Suzhou               地址:苏州沧浪区盘胥路826号

Tel:0512-68129999                                                                         电话:0512-68129999

Consumption level: more than 100 RMB                                         消费水平:100元以上

69 2.  Suzhou K’ Bar (苏州王牌俱乐部)

Suzhou K’ Bar does not has luxurious decoration or large venues. However, it has a very high popularity among young people. It is said that there are the most handsome boys in K’ Bar in Suzhou. Suzhou K’ Bar reflects the affinity of the suzhou local bars.

Address: Panxu Road No. 859,Suzhou                                       地址:苏州市盘胥路859号

Tel: 13771918665                                                                       电话:13771918665

Consumption level: more than 100 RMB                                     消费水平:100元以上

703.Impression of Maya Leisure Bar (印象玛雅休闲酒吧)

Impression of Maya Leisure Bar is fully equipped with facilities. Its ornament is a typical style of western America. There are a lot of kinds of drinks which can meet different guests’ requirements. Impression of Maya Leisure Bar is a good choice for you and your friends to have fun at night.

Address: Xuanmiao Bar Square No.4, Suzhou                            地址:苏州市玄妙酒吧广场四座

Tel: 0512-68018288                                                                    电话:0512-68018288

Consumption level: more than 100 RMB                                      消费水平:100元以上

714. Flourishing Age Beauty  Hi Bar (盛世佳人Hi 吧)

Flourishing Age Beauty Bar Hi Bar is bustling with noise and excitement. It is more suitable for young groups than aged people. This bar is regarded as the best bar on the Shiquan Street. Besides, It is  thorough and satisfactory in service and the waiters are cute.

Address: Shiquan Street No.441, Canglang District, Suzhou        地址:苏州市沧浪区十全街441号

Tel: 0512-65187877                                                                      电话:0512-65187877

Consumption level: 40-60 RMB                                                     消费水平:40-60元

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