Go Together! Nine Nostalgic Theme Restaurants in Hangzhou

Maybe the style of decoration, the supply of dishes, the clothing of service personnel or the background music… these nostalgic restaurants are like the popular Tong suit or the old songs that listened in the childhood, giving person a feeling of the past.

Nong Tang Li  (弄堂里)( Hedong Road Branch 河东路店)

Recommended reason: it has a kind of old Hangzhou flavor, with the envitonment is primitive 弄堂里_副本simplicity, the wallpaper of private rooms was pasted by newspaper. On the right of the door is an old-fashioned wood stove, there are many delicious foods on an old wooden cabinet, including chicken feet cooked with cinnamon(桂皮卤鸡爪), radish burned with bones(筒骨烧萝卜), pig’s feet tied by straw(稻香扎蹄), ducks in the alley(弄堂里的鸭儿). Stocked with old-fashioned alarm clock, black and white TV, hot water bottle, radio, hot-water bottle, everywhere has a feeling of the past.

Add: 237 Hedong Road, Xiacheng District


Per Capita Consumption: 52 RMB.

Ten Years theme courtyard restaurant (拾年主题庭院餐厅)

Recommended reason: The owner is a nostalgic person, there is an old-fashioned mailbox and oil 十年lamps in the door, hanging a sign written”Welcome Home”. The environment of the courtyard is pretty beautiful, arrayed with antique furniture, as well as the old Shanghai style toilet water billboard, enameled cup used in the childhood, several posters of women wearing cheongsam, the restaurant is nostalgic and attractive.

Add: 215 Tianzhu Road,Xihu District

地址: 杭州西湖区天竺路215号

Per  Capita Consumption: 82 RMB

7080 Courtyard Restaurant(7080庭院餐厅)

Recommended reason: Uncle Lei Feng, retro pictures, radio, old photographs hanging on the wall, 7080_副本eveything has a trace of 70 or 80 era, which is the special feeling that I have at the first time. In the afternoon, it is suitable to come, having a seat, to chat with friends.

Add: 87 Nanshan Road, Shangcheng District

地址: 杭州上城区南山路87号

Per Capita Consumption: 73 RMB

Yong Le Fang 60 70 80 Restaurant(永乐坊60 70 80 餐厅)

Recommended reason: With elegant decoration and the nostalgic style of 70 or 80 era, arrayed with607080_副本 school textbooks which printed on the cover of old painting on the wall, all of these let people return to the era of childhood.

Add: 85 Hedong Road, Xiacheng District


Per Capita Consumption: 58 RMB

Hard Hutch Cuisine( 硬厨小川)

Recommended reason: Hidden in the residential area, this restaurant has a feeling of former 20110527160421eaxjxvgg6lk0_副本canteen. The environment is like to take you back to the era of “Long Live Chairman Mao”, entering the door, you can see a poster, a variety of slogans which is similar to the sign written” Serve the people”.

Add: 51-2 Zhubi First Alley, Xiacheng District

地址: 杭州下城区珠碧一弄51-2号

Per Capita Consumption: 31 RMB

Fu Yi Cang Granary Cafe (富义仓-粮仓咖啡)

Recommended reason: Sitting on a chair, you will have a nostalgic feeling, the best location is the富义仓_副本 spacious outdoor courtyard. In the evening, it becomes a natural open-air theatre, watching an art film, occasionally also looked up and saw sparkling stars.

Add: No.1 area, Fashion Creative Space, Fuyicang, 8 Xiawan Alley, Gongshu District

地址: 拱墅区霞湾巷8号富义仓时尚创意空间1区

Per Capita Consumption: 52 RMB

Leisure Coffee(莱雪1930)

Recommended reason: This coffee a special shop where you can watch movies. It takes nostalgic莱雪 route, green-brick building which has a little feeling of small villa; a portrait of Shanghai woman is hanging on the wall… all of these reproduce classic eighty era. After 5 pm, it starts to play movies, with dim light, it is a good place suitable for lovers.

Add:88 Xueshi Road, Shangcheng District


Per Capita Consumption:51 RMB

Ji Yi Restaurant(季忆主题餐厅)季忆

Recommended reason: The environment matches with the poetic name, stone stove, red brick walls, wooden dining table, neatly goblets, everywhere shows a combination of modern and courtry style.

Add:55 Wen Yi West Road,Westlake District


Per Capita Consumption:56 RMB

Hotel-Restaurant-Bar For Youth(马灯部落)

Recommended reason: Old-fashioned things was placed randomly everywhere, such as wood 马灯部落tables and chairs, lanterns, victrola, hand phone, old-fashioned radio, even the world oldest’s lift. Here all food are sent by lift. How fantasy and mystery it is!

Add: 238 Siyan Well, Hupao Road, Westlake District


Per Capita Consumption:68 RMB




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