Good Massage Places in Central, Admiralty or Wan Chai

If you are looking for a good massage place anywhere in Central, Admiralty or Wan Chai, and it may not have to be fancy or upmarket and just for a simple and comfortable massage such as acupressure, deep tissue, foot massage, Swedish massage etc, then the following contents will help you a lot.

You can go to Lockhart Road, Wan Chai- the Admiralty end. There a few Thai Massage places which is very cheap about $80 for 45 mins., but there is no happy ending, just normal massage.

There is a massage place called Siam Thai Massage in Wanchai. This massage place is not fancy, but it’s clean and not expensive and their body massage are better than other more expensive places. They even put things straigt back and really stretch your limbs. You can try the foot massage in this shop, but Chinese people might find it a bit on the “soft” side. Their customers for body massage are Cantonese & Westerners. You’d better call in advance if you plan to go on weekends because it is always very busy, if nobody picks up the phone, it means that all is booked.

If you also like to have a bath, you can go Sunny Paradise, there are many executives, westerner, and local Chinese like to go there for a sauna service. It is clean and all massage technicians are very professional.  In terms of a good, reasonably-priced foot massage, you can also try Happy Foot Massage in Queen Road East. They had a good deal like a 45min foot massage for $138.

Here is also a suggestion in Tsim Sha Tsui, this massage shop is called Tammy’s Spa. They can provide a very decent Swedish massage. The place isn’t well renovated, it’s sort of family business. The price is reasonable, and you could have a wonderful experience.

Between the Island Pacific Hotel and King George Fifth Park in Central Business District, there is also a Thai massage place called Thai Retreat. This massage place can provide the best Thai Massage to the clients, they have the perfect environment to serve you–clean, comfortable, equipped and maintained to the highest standards. You can see the difference for yourself! You can select from a full range of full-body massage, including Thai Massage, Lymphatic Massage, Swedish Massage, Acupressure Massage, Hot Stone Massage, Reflexology (Foot Massage), Head Massage + Ear Candling, or Facial. Note: they provide no “adult” services, just wonderful skillful massage.

There’s a very nice small massage parlour in Soho Caine Road called ‘Let’s Relax, it’s bit smaller than Happy Foot but the decoration and service is great, Price is even more competitive guess it’s probably more higher up the escalators compared to Happy Foot.

In Wan chai, you can find a very popular, good and economical massage place called ZENJOY. It is a great massage place with new, clean and simple space, the owners can speak English. The massages are way better than more expensive places for about $98 per 50 mins.

For onsite massage such as home massage, clubhouse massage or tradeshow, you can call Hava Massage or Pure massage only. They can offer professional Swedish Massage, Chinese Acupressure and Deep Tissue Massage.

You may also warn about other “cheaper” massage places in central city, Somebody think they can get a cheap foot massage and the price is very low. But they made the mistake of NOT confirming/clarifying the price and at last they charged more money, although these massage shop are also nice and friendly and the massage is decent, it is really not right to charge a different price than stated on the brochure. So, you should watch out and make sure that you are clear about the price you are paying when going to these places!



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