Good Places to Spend Weekends in and around Laowaijie (The Foreigner’s Street)

Hongmei Pedestrian Street has recently been renamed Laowaijie 101 (Foreigner’s Street 101). This 500 meters long street is an entertainment landmark on Hongmei Road. You can find special flavor restaurants of more than 10 countries in this street. Laowaijie adopts the design of European amorous feelings. A beautiful winding road with luxuriantly green trees. Modern sculpture, fountain, small hill falls are standing at corners of the street. Walking in the street, shop signs of various languages make you feel like being in a small United Nations. Shanghai cuisine, Northwest cuisine and Japanese, Thai, Indian, Spanish, Mexican cuisines are all waiting for your visit.

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The most attractive aspect of Laowaijie is its open dining environment. Each restaurant and bar owner pays attention to decorate outdoor seating. Wooden stools are set at the door of J&J Bar. Clients can enjoy drinks and wines here or play billiards on street’s brand new pool table. Sports bars are of course featured widescreen LCD TV, beers and delicious pub snacks. 3D Art Bar is named of art, but its unique inner decoration is very different from artwork. In May 2012, Laowaijie 101 has officially become the national 3A level scenic spot. Here is going to introduce some worth visiting places from various aspects in Laowaijie. Exciting nightlife is waiting for you to lift its veil.

1, Restaurants

1.1, Las Tapas乐泰

1Located in “Laowaijie”, the popular tapas restaurant is one of for Las Tapas in the city. Two stories plus additional outdoor seating, this Spanish restaurant features seafood, sour taste and garlic. Offering Spanish flavor in Hongmei, Las Tapas creates a welcome atmosphere for tasting over 50 tapas and other delicious dishes. Recommended dishes include Garlic Bread, fried beef fillet, Cuttlefish juice seafood rice. Decoration style is like a small shop in Europe. Las Tapas offers a cozy place for friends and couples to talk everything under the sun.

Address: 33 Hongmei Entertainment Street, Lane 3338 Hongmei Road, Minhang District


Phone: 021-64658345    电话: 021-64658345

Average price: CNY177    人均: 177元

1.2, Papa’s Bierstube德国乡村西餐厅

2This German restaurant is a popular eatery in Hongmei Entertainment Street, offering an abundant menu of German food and German beer. Papa’s Bierstube is always bustling. You can sit upstairs next to the cozy fireplace or plant yourself downstairs if the brew pub atmosphere is more to your liking. Gravy-soaked meats and potatoes, homemade breads, sausages and well-poured beers are all available for customers. Classic stout is the most popular drink. You can find almost all your favorite German classics.

Address: 22-24 Hongmei Entertainment Street, Lane 3338 Hongmei Road, near Yan’an Road, Minhang


Phone: 021-64658880    电话: 021-64658880

Average price: CNY146    人均: 146元

1.3, Simply Thai天泰餐厅

3Simply Thai is one of Shanghai’s earliest Thai restaurants in Hongmei. Offering an authentic menu of Thai cuisine and a dynamic selection of imported wines, popular dishes are golden fish cakes, rich, coconutty curries, lemongrass-laced pork and piquantly-seasoned prawns. The papaya and glass noodle salads are also well received. Prices are slightly high. Services are not efficient. However, it still attracts both foreign and local people, as dishes taste good. It’s a good spot for those who love Thai cuisine and South-Eastern Asian Favor.

Address: 28 Hongmei Pedestrian Street, Lane 3338 Hongmei Road, Minhang District


Phone: 4008807729    电话: 4008807729

Average price: CNY152    人均: 152元

2, Bars

2.1, Big Bamboo

4Big Bamboo in Hongmei Entertainment Street is the best place to watch sports games with large TV screens and projection TVs. It usually attracts many sports fans nearby or from other areas, especially for big events. Big Bamboo live broadcasts almost every big games like the most popular Superbowl and World Cup. Here you will find many interesting sports fans and you can talk about your favorite game and sports team. It is a good place to make friends for sports fans. Big Bamboo offers a cozy environment to watch sports with friends and have a drink.

Address: Hongmei Entertainment St., Bldg 20, 3338 Hongmei Road, Minhang District

地址:虹梅路3338弄, 虹梅休闲步行街20号楼

Phone: 021-64058720    电话: 021-64058720

Average price: CNY114    人均: 114元

2.2, Shanghai Brewery

5Shanghai Brewery is a sports bar with large TV screens and projectors broadcasting most of world’s important sports events. Many global sports channels are available with international satellite. Shanghai Brewery offer beers brewed by themselves. You can find all pub drinks in its extensive menu of western beer and some pub snacks, featuring pizzas, burgers, salads, sandwiches and German fare. Excellent pool tables, affordable prices and sports games attract both local and foreigners. You can whatever sports event you like, just ask their staffs and managers.

Address: 21 C, Hongmei Entertainment Street, Lane 3338 Hongmei Road, Minhang District


Phone: 021-64065919    电话: 021-64065919

Average price: CNY105    人均: 105元

2.3, Blue Frog

6Blue Frog in Hongmei Entertainment Street is a branch of Blue Frog bar & grill in Shanghai. A variety of food and drinks are available for all the family. This cozy place is suitable for everyone. Young people enjoy after-work drinks and burgers here. A private dining place and game area enables children a perfect play site. Happy hour runs from 4pm to 8pm every day. Every Monday from 4pm onwards, they offer buy one get one free burger promotion. Blue Frog not only can fill you up, but also offers a cozy place for friends to have a drink and talk with each other.

Address: No.30 Hongmei Entertainment Street, Lane 3338 Hongmei Road, Minhang District


Phone: 021-54225119    电话: 021-54225119

Average price: CNY115    人均: 115元

3, Massage Places

3.1, Congen Massage Healthcare Club康骏会馆

7Established in 2004, Congen Massage Healthcare Club is a professional massage place featuring shiatsu, Tuina, Foot bath care, full body oil massage and many other health care treatments. The branch in Hongmei is a cozy and tranquil place. Decoration shows a bit Thai style with a hall of antique beauty and some corridors made of wood floor and Yuhua stones. Light in massage room is gentle and comfortable. Good music and flavor of essential oil will make you relax, even feel asleep. Services are also good. Staffs are polite, masseuses are professional and experienced. Masseuses are divided into three levels; charges are different according to their levels. Free fruit and snacks are available after massage.

Address: Room 307, No.3721 Hongmei Road, Minhang District


Phone: 021-64850166    电话: 021-64850166

Average price: CNY148    人均: 148元

3.2, Bamboo7 Massage康友四季保健会所

8Bamboo7 Massage opened its business in 2001, owns more than 10 branches in Shanghai through these years’ development. It is a professional service parlor based on Traditional Chinese medicine theory, offering shiatsu, Tuina, Foot bath care, full body oil massage, etc. Located on Hongmei Road, this branch has been welcomed by local and foreign people nearby since its establishment. Masseuses here have really good service attitude. The place is a rest room where customers can get totally relaxation and improve their health. Bamboo7 offers Chinese featured massages include oil massage, foot reflexology, cupping, etc.

Address: No.3308, Hongmei Road, Near Yan’an West Road, Minhang District


Phone: 021-54221271    电话: 021-54221271

Average price: CNY97    人均: 97元

3.3, Dragonfly 悠庭保健会所

9Dragonfly is one of top clubs in Shanghai. Customers are mainly European and American people. The branch in Hongmei Road is quite and cozy. Elegant decoration and comfortable music, murmuring water and candle-like lights create a land of idyllic beauty for customers here. Chinese style massage room is separated with door curtains. In Japanese style room, you can lay on the comfortable tatami and relax yourself under masseuse’s fingers. Therapists here are all skillful and considerate. They will focus on your requirements and meet your needs. Prices are a little bit high. Getting a club card would be more profitable for frequent visitors.

Address: Villa5, Lane 3911 Hongmei Road, Hongqiao, Changning District


Phone: 021-62424328    电话: 021-62424328

Average price: CNY154    人均: 154元

4, Recreation Places

4.1, Youmai KTV优麦量贩式KTV

10Situated on the third floor of 1005, Hongmei Road, Youmai KTV is a convenient place for people like singing nearby. Though the store is not very big, environment is quite good. Every room is well equipped with flat TV screen, microphone and comfortable sofa. Good acoustics. Prices are pretty cheap. Club card costs 30RMB, enjoys preferential prices, such as 8RMB per hour for mini room before 7pm, Monday to Sunday. Service attitude is good. Prices are affordable.

Address: 3/F, 1005 South Hongmei Road, Minhang District


Phone: 021-34688880/34688600    电话: 021-34688880/34688600

Average price: CNY26    人均: 26元

4.2, Xiaonanguo Tang Heyuan Japanese Hot Spring小南国汤河源日式温泉

11Xiao Nan Guo Spa started its business in 2002, covering an area of 12000 meter square. Designed by Japanese designer, Xiao Nan Guo Spa has 5 storeys and is able to contain serve for more than 1000 customers. Xiao Nan Guo Spa is a new concept of health, offers spa, restaurant, fitness room and massage services. The spa is clean and warm. Hot spring ponds for man and woman are both very clear. Outside ponds are also available. Sauna has two choices, dry and wet which are both distinctive. After the spa, you can enjoy various massages performed by Xiao Nan Guo’s professional and experienced therapists. The buffet area provides drinks and dim sum for free.

Address: 3337 Hongmei Road, Minhang District


Phone: 021-64658888    电话: 021-64658888

Average price: CNY173    人均: 173元

4.3, COSTA COFFEE咖世家咖啡

12COSTA COFFEE is a chain coffee store comes from British. In 1978, the first Costa espresso bar opened on Vauxhall Bridge Road, London. Since then, COSTA COFFEE has been widely spread and welcomed throughout the world. Decoration of the café mainly used red. Once step in, you will feel warm and comfortable. The most recommended coffee would be Latte. Coffee and milk mixed just right. COSTA COFFEE offers a new kind of coffee every year. Why not spend a leisure afternoon there, sipping a cup of coffee and enjoying the sunshine.

Address: 3196 Hongmei Road, Minhang District


Phone: 021-64065909    电话: 021-64065909

Average price: CNY34    人均: 34元

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