Group Buying of Regency Taipan Massage & Spa with Affordable Price

Regency Taipan Massage & Spa is now offering a massage package (which is worth 268RMB) with an affordable price 145 RMB on the Internet. If you are in need a high-quality massage in a peaceful environment, you should not miss this chance to enjoy the professional massage in Regency Taipan Massage & Spa with a low price.

Introduction of Beijing Regency Taipan Massage & Spa:

Regency Taipan Massage & Spa is a professional foot massage and Spa parlor opened by Macau Regency Group in Beijing. Its massage concept is to allow people who live in the busy cities to absorb the energy of nature in a quiet environment. Regency Taipan Massage & Spa allows its clients to forget the hustle and bustle, cleans their body and mind, lets them experience the health from inside to outside. The massage will be done in an elegant and fragrant private space where consumers can enjoy the massage and soft music at the same time. Besides, fruits and food in Regency Taipan Massage & Spa are all for free.

If you are interested in this Spa, Group Buying it now.

Group Purchase Details:

Massage Package is 145 RMB for 110 mins (original price is 268 RMB). It consists of Full body Massage and Foot Massage. The full body massage lasts 60 mins and foot massage is 50 mins. Healthy food and fruit juice are available and for free.

Warm tips:

1. The valid time of group buying ticket is from 2013-11-08 to 2015-04-30.

2. You need to make an appointment one day in advance.

3. Each ticket only can be used by one person for once.

4. Only 20 Group buying tickets are available on the Internet each day. 

5. The group buying ticket can not be used with other coupons at the same time.

6. If you need an invoice, you need to claim to the front desk when consuming.

The Environmental Pics of Regency Taipan Massage & Spa








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