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Guangzhou is truly a shopping paradise in China, there are many shopping centers and malls in this beautiful city that you can find almost everything you want to buy. What’s more, as an important export & import city, Guangzhou has a lot of wholesale markets of different products like garment, shoes, handbags, toys and other types of jewelry and of course the famous Chinese tea.. With so many people coming to Guangzhou for traveling, it is really a good place for visitors’ coming.

Local Featured Products

There are some local products such as the Wang Laoji Herbal Tea, cooking materials, Canton Embroidery, Enamel and Sculpture you can have a choice.

1. The Sculpture: Ivory Carvings, Jade Sculpture, Wood Sculpture and Olive Sculpture.

2. Enamel is short for Guangzhou Colorful Pottery with a history of over 300 years.

3. Embroidery, it is also called Yue Embroidery, it is one of the Four Famous Chinese Embroideries together with Su Embroidery, Xiang Embroidery and Shu Embroidery.

5. Wang Laoji Herbal Tea is a kind of medicine that is healthy for the human body.

Clothes Wholesale Markets

u=638816018,565742362&fm=21&gp=0Guangzhou’s clothes wholesale business is very famous, and there are many clothes wholesale markets in Guangzhou. The most famous clothes wholesale markets are the following:

Baima Market (the most popular one, located opposite Guangzhou Railway Station)

1. Tianma is next to Bama and famous for domestic brand clothes

2. Zhanxi is a shopping street of many wholesale markets)

3. Xindadi is situated opposite Bama and mainly sales woolen sweaters and cardigans

4. Hongmian Bubugao (located behind Bama and famous for women’s clothing)

Famous Shopping Streets in Guangzhou.

u=26827578,3993660933&fm=21&gp=01. Shangxiajiu Pedestrian Street

Shangxiajiu Pedestrian Street is a traditional commercial pedestrian which was opened in 1995. It is renowned for many old stores such as Guangzhou Garment Store, the Herring Shoes and Hats Store, and the Dalu Clock and Watch Store. Many traditional restaurants with Cantonese flavors could also be found here.

u=203635246,4278846455&fm=21&gp=02. Mouse Street Shopping Center

Mouse Street is also known as “Women’s Street”. It is located in the northern part of China Plaza on Zhong Shan Road. There are hundreds of stores sell locally produced and name-brand clothes, shoes, and accessories. Things are cheaper than in Beijing Road, but the place is more crowded.

u=31178737,1868930016&fm=21&gp=03. Beijing Road Pedestrian Street

The Beijing Road Pedestrian Street is the most modern pedestrian street in Guangzhou which combines historic sites and modern architectures perfectly together. It is regarded as the most bustling area in the city. You can find bookstores, shopping malls and night markets there.

u=2107966532,1437690794&fm=21&gp=04. Zhuangyuan Fang Street

Zhuangyuan Fang is a small alley only about 200 meters, but it attracts plenty visitors everyday by its fashionable clothes, ornaments and trinkets. It is a popular place among the young people.

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