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Some Best Restaurants in Guangzhou

Guangzhou is universally known for its excellent food. Many people know that Cantonese cuisine is one of the Famous cuisine in China with different flavors and styles, You can find a number of restaurants and tea-houses in this city. Cantonese cuisine is really good in color, fragrance, taste and presentation. In addition, the delicate Cantonese pastry is also well-known for its wide range of varieties, delicious flavor and beautiful color. In those restaurants in Guangzhou, you can find different kind of food such as Western food, Asian food and traditional Guangdong cuisines, The following are some famous and best Guangzhou restaurants, just for your reference:

j1. Banana Leaf Restaurant

Banana Leaf is a brand chain Thai flavor restaurant. The most featured food served here is curry. Sometimes you have to wait in line for seats since it is always crowded during dining time. There is singing and dancing performances for living up your dinner and you may be invited to dance on the stage.

Chinese name: 蕉叶(总店)

Cuisine: Thai

Hours: 10:00-23:00

Address: 1/F, Guangshi Binguan, No. 8, Luhu Rd. Yuexiu District

Phone: 020-83597499 Continue reading


8 Featured Food in Guangzhou

Guangzhou is actually known for its featured food. Cantonese cuisine is one of the Famous Eight in China with different flavors and styles, by using diverse and delicate materials, exotic spices and various cooking skills. Featured Food can be listed as Baiqie Chicken, stewed snake and wildcat with chicken and chrysanthemums and Fo Tiao Qiang. Seafood is also famous there. Guangzhou food is a mixture of tradition and modern, east and west. Basically, it is also a combination of local dishes from other region in China and even from the other countries. Guangzhou people are natural gourmets who are proud of their world-famous Cantonese cuisine.  An emphasis on preserving the natural flavor of the food is the feature of Cantonese cuisine. Along with freshness and quality, artistic presentation of the food and garnishing are also very important to Cantonese cuisine. The following are 8 main cuisines in Guangzhou city for your reference.

1. Water Chestnut Cake

Water Chestnut Cake_副本A soft smooth cool cake made of chestnut powder and sweetened water. It’s often served as a snack that helps weaken the inner heat of human body during sweaty summer in Guangzhou. Continue reading