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A Guidance of Guangzhou Girl Friendly Hotels

The 114th Autumn Canton Fair will be held from this October to November in Guangzhou Haizhu District. As a result of this well-known event, a large amount of businessmen are bound to moving into and living in Guangzhou. For those who are seeking for girl-friendly hotels in Guangzhou, here is a brief guidance of Guangzhou girl-friendly hotels. Continue reading


Policy in 2013 Did Not Affect Housing Prices In Guangzhou Continue Rising

From 2003 to 2011, the primary, second-hand houses of Guangzhou district 10 grew by an average of 16.0% and 13.3% respectively. Influenced by supply and demand tension, in 2006 and 2007, house prices rose 24% and 35.1% respectively. Recently , Guangzhou Development Research Institute of Guangzhou University released the “Guangzhou economic situation analysis and prediction in 2013″. Analysis pointed out that since 2011 Guangzhou has entered the era of high house prices. In 2011 Guangzhou housing prices and urban residents total household income ratio has reached 9.502 , more than the United Nations and the World Bank standard range.

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