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Using Social Media to Find Escorts in Guangzhou

If cragislist or backpage is still the only way you can find escorts in Guangzhou, then you are out. Nowadays, with the popularity of phone applications, more and more social media applications were created and used by young people. Wechat, Momo, iAround and QQ are all popular and frequently used by escorts all over China. That means there are more approaches to find an escort in Guangzhou. The best sites for locating available girls are Momo and iAround, but they almost always direct you to a WeChat or QQ account for details.  The Momo and iAround are used because of the distance feature, but soliciting accounts get banned quickly.  That’s why they direct you to WeChat or QQ (which don’t get banned as much). This article will make a brief introduction of these phone apps and some escort info in GuangzhouContinue reading


Massage Escort Scam in Guangzhou

Guangzhou is the third largest city in China, also a city where large amount of expats live. As a foreigner living in Guangzhou, it is necessary to be careful with the various kinds of scams, like nightclub/KTV scam, tea ceremony scam, English learning scam and massage escort scams etc. Hence, the aim of this article is to help everyone learn more about the massage escort scams when you are seeking for massage escorts in Guangzhou.  Continue reading


Where to Find English Speaking Escorts in Guangzhou

Guangzhou, as one of the biggest cities in China, welcomes thousands of foreigners each years. When they need an escort to accompany them, they usually find communication has become a big problem between them and the escorts in Guangzhou. That’s because most Guangzhou escorts are Chinese and cannot speak English so finding an English speaking Escort in Guangzhou become necessary for them. This article will give a brief guide to those expats who are looking for English speaking escorts.  Continue reading


Where to Find Sex in Guangzhou

It is all known that prostitution in China is illegal, and this oldest profession exists everywhere in China. A high proportion of prostitutes are migrant workers who travel from the countryside to big cities in search of work. Though inevitably some are forced into prostitution, most of them do so voluntarily

Guangzhou is the third largest city in China after Beijing and Shanghai. It is not surprising that you can find sex in Guangzhou easily. Massage parlors, saunas, bars/clubs, KTVs, street hookers, barbershops and outcall service/escort girls are all available for sex. However, after the prostitution crackdown on Dongguan, Guangzhou was affected as well. Many prostitution spots have stopped offering sex service in Guangzhou for the time being. Here, we are going to introduce “where you can find sex in Guangzhou”.  Continue reading


Anal Service Escorts in Guangzhou

Anal Service, also known as A level service, is a sexual activity involving the bottom. It is often referred to as the anal sex or rectal sex. It becomes common in the 21st century partly because the “blue movies”. According to a research carried out in 2009, nearly 30 percent of pornographic movies contained anal service/anal sex. In these movies, it is presented that both of two people are enjoyable and painless. However, that is not the case. Anal intercourse is often very painful for women, particularly the first few times.

Anal service/ anal sex is not popular among European women, not mention oriental ladies. Hence, the fact is that finding an escort offering anal service/A level service in Guangzhou cannot be an easy task.  Continue reading


Places to Find Escorts in Guangzhou After the Prostitution Crackdown on Dongguan

Dongguan is a famous historic and cultural city in Guangzhou Province. It has more than 1700 years’ history. It borders Shenzhen, Guangzhou and Huizhou etc. In history, Dongguan was well-known among foreign countries in the “event Opium combustion in Humen” in 1839. While recently it became famous in mainland China and even foreign countries like Singapore for the news “Prostitution Crackdown on Dongguan”. It also affected its nearby cities like Guangzhou and Shenzhen.  Continue reading


Some Guidance of China Import and Export Fair (Canton Fair)

What is China Export Commodities Fair?

imagesChina Import and Export Fair, also called Canton Fair, is held twice a year in Spring and Autumn since it was inaugurated in the Spring of 1957. Canton Fair ranks the top in the world in terms of the scale for a single exhibition, and it is a comprehensive international trading event with the longest history, the largest scale, the most complete exhibit variety, the largest buyer attendance, the broadest distribution of buyers’ origin and the greatest business turnover in China.Preserving its traditions, the Fair is a comprehensive and multi-functional event of international importance. Continue reading


Famous Guangzhou Attractions for Your Visiting

Guangzhou is located in southern China on the Pearl River, about 120 kilometers northwest of Hong Kong, this city is a key transportation hub and trading port. It is also the center of politics, the economy, culture and transportation in China, Guangzhou is one of the twenty-four famous historical and cultural cities in China which has plenty of architecture showcasing the ancient magnificence of Chinese civilization. With its long history, Guangzhou possesses many places of interests, Visitors should allow time to explore the place a bit more in order to fully appreciate this city, the following are some famous attractions in Guangzhou.

1. Yuexiu Park

Yuexiu Park is the largest park in downtown Guangzhou and it is also one of the most famous scenic spots in the city, perfectly combining cultural relics and ecological landscape. The park is named for the hills of Yuexiu Mountain on which it is built. Top sights include the stone statue of the Five Rams, the emblem of Guangzhou City, as well as the Ming-era Zhenhai Tower and the site of the Ming Dynasty City Wall. Continue reading