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Top and Best thing and place in Guangzhou

Guangzhou’s Best Gyms

Guangzhou is city that focus on quality of life, people will pay more attention to health. Like other large Chinese cities and a few small ones, Guangzhou is home to some of the most modern fitness training centres in the country. Most fitness centers offer the same exercise,such as  aerobics, dance, a badminton court or swimming pool. Here are the better fitness centers in Guangzhou.

A. Total Fitness Club

Total Fitness Club was founded in 2001, start from the date of creation, the Total Fitness Club has  ”professional, health, honor, and fashion” for the purpose and create a new healthy life style for elite.4e4a20a4462309f747d0fd6e720e0cf3d7cad60b In the past nine years, with great strength and professional services, the total fitness club has occupied South China’s leading position in the fitness industry and created the one to one professional training services. Currently, it has set up many branches in Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Foshan, Dongguan, Chongqing.

Total Fitness Club provides about 150 fitness classes every week and can satisfy members’ different preferences. The classes include the world’s most popular Les mills (Grammy) curriculum (Bodycombat, Bodypump, Bodjam), Zumba courses, Latin dance, belly dancing, pole dancing, modern dance, aerobics, hip-hop, folk dance, taekwondo, boxing, cardio boxing, kick-boxing, step aerobics, body art gymnastics, big ball gymnastics, Pilates, tai chi, hot yoga, slimming yoga, health yoga, power yoga, weight loss yoga traditional yoga, Hatha yoga and so on. Continue reading


The Best Water Parks in Guangzhou

Guangzhou tends to be warm all year round, especially in summer. The temperature is very high, even a five-minute walk, you will be sweating like a pig, like just out of the water. 黄金海岸Luckily, Guangzhou has its fair share of water parks where you can enjoy cool summer. Most of these places are located away from the city center so that you can have a chance to spend a day from the rush of the city aimed naturalistic setting and laughing as possible as you can. Continue reading


The Best Pickup Bars in Guangzhou

CatWalkCatwalk Bar
Adress: Xiju PTV3, No.163 Tianhe North Road, Tianhe District./天河区天河北路163号喜聚PTV3楼(近广州体育学院南门)
Tel: 020-62208888   18998574474
Introduction: Located near the south gate of the Guangzhou Sports University, the Catwalk gathers many white collars and trendsetters. The place is very popular place among those who enjoys crazy night life. With DJ playing passionate and intense music, the place features great atmosphere. Catwalk opens at 9pm and there are dancers after 10:30 pm. Continue reading


The Best Spas in Guangzhou

In Guangzhou, you can find superior recreational facilities which offer leisure and entertainment so that one can get facilities which can accommodate pleasure at its best. In this city, the Spas can offer ultimate recreation coupled with entertainment which ensures appropriate soothing of mind so that one can forget the worries of life and get accustomed to a better holistic experience. When you have come to this city, and feel very tired after a busy day, just try something right now. Sit back, close your eyes, and take a few deep breaths. How are you feeling now? Maybe you’re tired run-down. If you’re feeling less than great, you need some time to relax. Going to the Spa will be a good choice where you can be provided mind soothing experience which can create a holistic approach towards mind, body and soul. Continue reading