Hair Massage Saloon in Singapore

In Singapore, you can find a lot of Hair massage saloon which can provide you both hairdressing and massage service. Just close your eyes, relax to soothing music and allow the girl in these hair massage salons to rejuvenate you the way you deserve. Whether you desire a facial, massage, body treatment, or hair and makeup, your time at these saloons will ease your mind, body and spirit.


In these Hair massage saloon in Singapore, the talented girls will provide a variety of hairdressing services including short and long hair styling, global colours, foiling, cap highlighting, and different kind of massage treatments such as head massage, full body massage, oil massage, happy massage and so on.


The Common Massages Provided in Hair massage Salon

Facial Massage Therapy


Hair Removal

Eyebrow Threading

Full Body Treatments

Healing Treatments

Head Massage

Manicures and Hand Treatments

Pedicures and Foot Treatments

Other Special Massage Services


The Common Hairdressing Service Provided in Hair Massage Salon

Hair Design


Keratin Treatments

Hair Extensions

Eyelast Extensions


Especially for Teens

Permanent Makeup

Private Styling design

You can enjoy a range of beauty and massage services at the following popular and reputable hair massage saloon.

1. My Salon

My Salon is a weird and wonderful haven on Horne Road, it is opposite of the ICA building, the staffs in this shop will for the princely sum of $40 for an hour’s session, massage your head until it’s about to fall off, wash your hair, and dry it if you’d rather that than more massage, they will massage your face, bad, neck and shoulders without you having to move an inch from the chair you are sitting in.

2. Mei Tai Wan Unisex Hairdressing and Beauty Salon

This Hairdressing and Beauty Salon is located in Serangoon Road, it look a little small outside, but it is really very clean and comfortable inside, you can enjoy the service include: Hair Cut, Hair Grooming, Hair Rebonding, Hair Colouring, Beauty Services (Foochow Building) and also you can enjoy the special massage service ar here. The technicians in this shop also have their different style

3. Gin Beauty Studio

Gin Beauty Studio offers all natural ZEN treatments derived from techniques which incorporate our holistic products produced from France, Italy and Germany. We are one-stop lifestyle wellness salon that provides services like Hair styling, Hair loss treatment, Ice spa and Facial treatment. All in a soothing and private environment dedicated to exceptional personalized service.

4. IStyle Hair Spa Salon

This spa salon is the most ideal place to go, the girl in this hsop are all friendly and professional who will make you feel pampered and beautiful while you indulge in the different treatment that are provided for the health and well-being of your hair and body. They have a separate room for ear digging and massage neck and shoulder, the Spa treatment and professional head massage feel wonderful leaving you feeling refreshed and tension-free.

5. Premium Barbers

The only American-style barber in town, newly launched Premium Barbers offers prime cuts for men with great add-ons. They assess your sculp before cutting your hair, brush you off with powder after, and neaten your hair edges with a straight razor shave. Following that, they apply a hot towel on your face and neck, and give you a head massage.

6. Aleda Salon

This traditional vietnamese style salon is located in the middle of “Little Vietnam”,Joo Chiat Road. It has been open for only one year, There are some key renovation includes Reception area, Hair cut area, Hair washing area, Lounge area, Relaxation area, the girls in this salon are beautiful, young, and professional, they can provide you different kind of treatments you like.

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