Halite Massage Hong Kong

Halite Massage Hong Kong is a very popular and famous foot massage bath shop in Hong Kong, it use the pure Himalayan Crystal Salts to benefits the clients. Himalayan Crystal Salt can benefit the environment around our bodies. This shop is decorated by all these Himalayan Crystal Salt Lamps which will greatly enhance and create a soothing, relaxing, calming and refreshing environment for your massage treatment.


The Origin of the Himalayan Crystal Salts

The formation of the Himalayan Crystal Salts goes back to the formation of the Himalaya Mountains which started about 250 million years ago. The Himalayas used to be the ocean floor and when they started to rise, first, huge salt lakes formed and eventually they turned into enormous salt domes. These salts contain all of the 84 elements that the human body is composed of. They are as pure as the ancient primal oceans.


The Benefits of Foot Bath in Halite Massage Hong Kong:

1. Reduce airborne dust, pollen and smoke levels. Reduce airborne transmission of disease.

2. Boost your daytime energy. Help alleviate depression. Relieve Stress.

3. Increase the flow of oxygen to the brain which results in higher alertness.

4. Increases aerobic metabolism.

Halite Massage

The 3 Halite Massage Shops:

1. Halite (Causeway Bay Shop)

Address: Unit A&B, 24/F.,Guangdong Tours Centre, 18 Pennington Street, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

Tel:2890 6820 / 2890 6821

2. Halite(West Point Shop)

Address: Shop 9, G/F, 4-16 Hill Road,Yip Cheung Building, West Point, Hong Kong (Near Traders Hotel Hong Kong)

Tel: 2777 1101 / 2777 1102

3. Halite (Sheung Wan Shop)

Address: Basement, CNT Commercial Building, 302 Queen’s Road Central, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong.

Tel: 2808 0028 / 2808 0068


The Rate in Halite Massage Hong Kong

The Time of Full Session is 45 Minutes.

1. Chinese Foot Reflexology Massage + Crystal Salt Foot Scrub +Foot Bath—–HK$128

2. Extra 15mins Head, Neck, Shoulder Massage—–HK$60

3. Chinese Style Body Massage—–HK$168

4. Essential Ear Candle (Head, Neck, Shoulder, Massage)—–HK$178

5. Essential Navel Candle—–HK$178

6. Thai Style Body Massage—–HK$198

7. Aromatherapy Body Oil Massage—–HK$208

8. Lymphatic Drainage Massage——HK$238

9. Crystal Salt Slimming Treatment—–HK$238

10. Hot Stone Therapy—–HK$238

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