Hangzhou Carries out Special Inspection Work on Foreigner employment

To further strengthen the management of the employment of foreigners in Hangzhou and ensure the legitimate interests of foreign employers. From mid- November to mid-December, Hangzhou Immigration Employment Management Services Department carries out the special inspection on the employment of foreigners. The inspection is divided into self-examination, rectification, sampling these three stages and it lasts about a month.

It is said that the main contents of the special inspection are: checking whether the jobs engaged in are consistent with the contract, determining the nature of job according to the actual work performed by foreigners; whether the employment permit be cancelled, postponed, changed in time when it expires or the situation changes; whether have behaviors of fraud, cheating employment permits; foreigners must hold a certificate for employment in state vocational (trades); investigate whether there is illegally employing foreigners.

In the self-examination stage, combined with enterprises, making full use of newspapers, radio, television, Internet and other media, Immigration Employment Management Services Department guaranteed that this policy can be carried out successfully.

In the rectification stage, Immigration Employment Management Services Department fosuses on the units that have more foreign employers or hire foreigner from sensitive countries. As a result, it issued “Notice on carrying on special inspection on foreigner employment”, requiring all enterprises in strict accordance with the ” regulations of employment of foreigners in China” to do self-examination.

In the sampling stage, it examed about 35 foreign company randomly.  In the process of spot check, in addition to learn about from the responsible person, check their business license and organization code certificate, verify the employment permits of expatriate staff, Immigration Employment Management Services Department also selected 1-2 foreigne staff randomly and went to check the post he wored in.

The result of the special inspection showed that the majority foreign conpanies obey the law and operation specification. The overall situation is good. However, it also exposed a number of business problem. Major irregularities are in the following:

Firstly, an employment permit is not change and cancel in time.

Secondly, the jobs that the foreigne employers engaged in are not content with their employment permits.

Thirdly, some enterprises have migrated but failed to change information to Employment Management Service Department in time.

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