Hangzhou’s Best Shopping Places

Shopping is a women’s nature. When coming Hangzhou, how can you miss the chance to go shopping. Here are several most popular shopping places in Hangzhou.

1.  Hangzhou Tower Shopping Mall (杭城大厦购物中心)

Hangzhou Tower Shopping Mall includes Tower A and B, Kun he branch, huazhe branch. Covering 58ee3d6d55fbb2fb1c6bbf554f4a20a4472309f79052fc09_副本an area of nearly 140,000 square meters, located in Hangzhou commercial core block—Wulin Square,which is “Z” shaped species distribution, with unique geographical conditions and business climate, this shopping mall is a multi-functional center with the collection of shopping, dining, entertainment, convention, exhibition, accommodation and office. Top international luxury brands and domestic famous brands,
Strong brand portfolio, fully-equipped living facilities, Hangzhou Tower Shopping Mall is leading the high-end quality lifestyle.

Add: 1 Wulin Square, 47 Huancheng North Road, Xiacheng District

地址: 杭州下城区环城北路47号武林广场1号

Per Capita Consumption: 2258 RMB

2. Intime Department Store (银泰百货)

Intime Department Store, with the  business philosophy of “pass a new art of living”, taking young people and new u=1732502037,4252526125&fm=23&gp=0home as the main customer groups, taking the other segments of trendy fashion consumer into account, committing to building Chnese urban fashion culture, establish a youthful, fashion taste department store image,  leads the fashion trend. Founded in 1998, with the concern and support of government and the community, Intime Department Store has achieved remarkable results: Intime Department Store Group  issued successfully in the global and listed on the Hong Kong stock exchange. Currently, it has nearly 30 malls, which is located in the commercial center of Beijing, Wuhan, Xi’an, Hangzhou, Ningbo, Wenzhou, Jinhua and Yiwu, and it has initially formed a structure of  national department store chain. In terms of sales, Intime Department Store has become the largest department srote chain in Zhejiang Province.

Intime Department Store (Yan’an Road Branch)

Add: 530 Yan’an Road, Xiacheng District


Per Capita Consumption: 865 RMB

Intime Department Store (Xihu Branch)

Add: 98 Yan’an Road, Shang Cheng District

地址: 杭州上城区延安路98号

Per Capita Consumption: 474 RMB


3. Auchan (欧尚)

Auchan is a multinational group with a large supermarket as the main industry. “Auchan” named Auchan because of its first store in France Auchan. The ”Red Bird” is designed by CARRE NOIR 欧尚company.

In 1961, the first Auchan store was born in France.  It was the first time to integrate “multiple choice, cheap, service” into each other in operation, which led Auchan become the supermarket business pioneer. Now, as one of the world’s top ten retail groups, Auchan has developed into one of the Fortune 500 companies, which had an annual turnover of 36.7 billion euros, invested 1045 million euros and has 1163 hypermarkets and supermarkets in 12 countries.

Add: 213 Daguan Road, Gongshu District

地址: 杭州拱墅区大关路213号

Per Capita Consumption: 106 RMB.

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