Happy Ending Massages Are No Longer Legal

Confirmed by Beijing police on last Thursday, the happy ending massage is regard as prostitution and is illegal. It is responding to the reports in Guangdong that suggested it could be in a legal grey area earlier.

In Foshan, an owner of a massage parlor and three associates are supposed to be charged with organized prostitution. According to the investigation, they had allowed employees to provide clients with manual stimulation and other “erotic massages” due to the unclear facts and improper applications of the law. But the Foshan court said that the manual stimulation was not regarded as a form of prostitution according to the criminal law.

Beijing police made a quick response towards this issue on last Thursday. In accordance with the laws stipulated by the Ministry of Public Security, anyone who provides or receives sexual activity, such as oral sex, masturbation or sodomy, for hiring, would be considered as prostitution and therefore it is illegal.

The prostitution involves two parties having an agreement on a price or exchange before the transaction. If both parties accepted that it is sex for hiring, then it is prostitution. The involvers will be facing a 10 to 15-day prison time and a fine of RMB5,000. Repeated offenders will be fined the same amount of money as well as sent to labor camp.

Manual stimulation offered in many beauty salons as an extra service nationwide has become an argument. Even though prostitution is illegal in China, there are still many sex workers. And the recent announcement will sure make their lives harder.

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