‘Happy Endings’ in Beijing

When it comes to easing stress, massage is no doubts the first thing that will come to your mind. Nothing is better than having a massage with a happy ending to unwind yourself. The endorphins released during the body to body contact will help you lighten the stress and the chronic pain. After the treatment, your body will heal naturally. Following are some recommended massage places in Beijing.

合生元_副本He Sheng Yuan Massage Center
Address: Van Palace Apartments, Suite 3102, West Wing, No. 1 Jinghua Nanjie, Chaoyang District
Address in Chinese: 朝阳区景华南街1号旺座中心西楼31屋3102室
Tel:  010-65619729
Opening hour: 9am-8pm
Per Capital consumption: RMB150

Located near the Jintai Xizhao Subway station, the He Sheng Yuan Massage Center enjoys convenient location. The 24-hour center provides services such as foot massage, traditional Chinese body massage, aromatic oil massage, lymphatic drainage massage, head and shoulder massage, kidney massage, hot stone treatment, deep tissue massage and facial treatment. Offering a great sense of peace and precious touch, the He Sheng Yuan Massage Center delivers the Perfect Massage to guest. Appointment is required.

1251443433642_000_副本Romantic Rabbit Retreat
Address: R.1511, Van Palace Residences East Tower, 2 Guangdongdian South Streer,  Chaoyang District
Address in Chinese: 朝阳区关东店南街2号旺座中心东塔1511
Tel: 010-51316428

Romantic Rabbit Retreat is located in Van Palace East Block. 1511. It is a small beauty center with few girls only. The girls are all at the age of 20. They can provide good facial service which can help you to keep the nutrition and elasticity of the skin and can also provide good massage. You will feel the Real GFE and good fun, suggest to call ahead because no name sign on door.

yuechanglai_副本Yuechanglai massage Spa
Address: R.201, West area of A, Guanghua Road SOHO, 22 Guanghua Road,  Chaoyang District
Address in Chinese: 朝阳区光华路22号光华路SOHO A座西区201室
Tel: 010-65613798
Opening hour: 12am-12pm
Per Capital consumption: RMB205

Yuechanglai massage SPA club is located in chaoyang district, this club has the primitive simplicity, elegant living style and quiet private space, when you step into this club, the natural music and sweet-smelling will immediately make you relax and enjoy the pleasure. We adhering to the natural way of health, we have professional massage teacher, they will use their rich inspiration, moderate massage strength and SPA technique let you relax your body, mind, soul balancing relaxation fascinating journey.

tiantian_副本TianTian Professional Massage
Address: R.210, Bldg.1, Dongwai Villa, 3 Xinzhong East Street,  Dongcheng District
Address in Chinese: 东城区新中东街3号东外公馆1号楼210室
Tel: 010-57281563; 13488851122
Opening hour: 12am-12pm
Per Capital consumption: RMB98

The TianTian Professional Massage is situated near the Zhixuan Holiday Inn. Providing professional massages such as back massage, foot massage, shoulder massage, neck massage and other services, the place houses some well-experienced therapists. The interior in nice and clean. Free drinks and snacks are provided. Outcall services are also available.

太平洋俱乐部_副本Pacific Club
Address: 2, 10th Lane, Xingfu 1st Village, Worker’s Stadium North Road,  Chaoyang District
Address in Chinese: 朝阳区工体北路幸福一村十巷2号
Tel: 010-64155548
Per Capital consumption: RMB148

The Pacific Club is located in front of the North gate of the Worker’s Stadium. The European-style building occupies a large area. The Crystal chandelier in the lobby creates a luxurious atmosphere. The place provides sauna, bathing and buffet. Guests can enjoy the buffet if arrive before 7pm. 2 sauna room can accommodate 20 to 20 people. The facilities here are great.

Paradise Massage Spa_副本Paradise Massage Spa
Address: 2/F, D, Shimao International Hotel, 9,Guanghua Road,  Chaoyang District
Address in Chinese: 朝阳区光华路甲9号世贸国际公寓D座2楼
Tel: 010-65088088
Opening hour: 10am-10pm
Per Capital consumption: RMB88

With water, pottery, sculpture, antique everywhere, the environment of Paradise Massage Spa is very refined. If you want to get massage services with your partner, they will offer you a double room. Featuring distinctive decorations such as antique furniture, and bright colors, the interior creates a lively feeling. The spa houses both male and female therapists, providing professional and comfortable services such as foot massage, aromatherapy, ear candling, and other services. Outcall services are also available. Free tea and fruits are provided.

Victoria's club_副本Victoria’s Club
Address: 5 Jiaolinjiadao, Hepingli East Street,  Chaoyang District
Address in Chinese: :朝阳区和平里东街交林夹道5号
Tel: 010-64213388
Per Capital consumption: RMB195

The Victoria’s Club features nice environment and delicious buffet. The foot massage here is about RMB99 and there are also other services available, all you need to do is to contact the manager. The therapists here are pretty and professional and the price is relatively expensive. If you are a member of this club, you can get the free ticket for the massage services.

Sunshine Golden Club_副本Sunshine Golden Club
Address: 28 Maizidian Street, Chaoyang District
Address in Chinese: 朝阳区麦子店街28号
Tel: 010-65850808
Opening hour: 24 hour
Per Capital consumption: RMB275

The Sunshine Golden Club National Agricultural Exhibition Center branch is a luxury sauna club featuring fancy decorations, classic furnishing and clean environment. The leisure venue houses well-trained therapists and kind staffs. Apart from services such as healthcare massage, bathing, shower, foot massage, fish pedicure and other healthcare services, the place also services delicious buffet. Free drinks are available while having treatments.

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