Have a Visit in the Red Light Area in Singapore–Geylang

Singapore is a high priced destination in the world. Everything is expensive in this city, but there is no denying the fact that the quality of most things in Singapore is real good. Singapore is famous for many things – safety, cleanliness, a really big airport, but like in any countries, there are also the dark sides: prostitution, gambling and so on. In Singapore, Geylang is the unofficial Red Light District which you will never find in the official Singapore tourism website.



Geylang has been a well-known red-light district for many years in Singapore, when I Just came to Singapore, Indonesia students suggest me to go to Geylang with him. At that time, I don’t understand the meaning of that word, but can be seen from the expression on his face, this place should be a brothels.


When I arrived in Geylang, it’s already ten o ‘clock at night, the street is very lively, Chinese and indians are everywhere. This area is famous for the red light district and food. Sure enough, there are many scantily clad street prostitutes in the street.


Some hotels also has the ambiguity of yellow lights. In order to avoid being as the client, we drove through the whole alley, but did not dare to stop, only through the window to observe this unique “landscape” in Singapore.


My friends told me that many Chinese women in Geylang street are on a tourist visa. Many of them are nice people in China, some even or OFFICE white-collar. They came to this place to work as a sex worker, when they back, they are still a very nice person, if the girl is very beautiful, they can earn at least RMB 2500 a day, when a month down, they can earn tens of thousands of RMB.


My classmates told me that in Singapore though prostitution illegal, but the government is out of practical considerations to reduce the crime rate, etc, there is a fixed place of business License of prostitutes. Of course, all above prostitutes are mostly unlicensed, once caught, they must be sent home.


The legalized designated prostitution zone is towards south of Geylang Road (starts from Lorong 2 and extends all the way to Lorong 30). Keong Saik Street located in the Chinatown is another area in Singapore that has been an ‘approved’ red light district.


How to get to Geylang?

If you do not want to this place by a car, it is also very easy to arrive in Geylang. Several MRT stations are located nearby; namely the Aljunied, Kallang and Paya Kebar MRT stations. The Geylang Lorong 1 Bus terminal that serves the district roads is located in the Kallang Planning area.


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