HE MPs, lot’s of them

Hey Guys, this is my 1st post. I’ve been a long time just reading and gathering information about HE massages (I’m not a sauna kind of guy) and now I’ve decided to make a big list of all the massages I’ve tried (at least more than once each!). The order is not relevant:

1) Xikang Lu, Wuding Lu.

Near Macau Portuguese restaurant. I would say that’s the standard HE massage, price around 268 (maybe more?) and they have a English menu on the reception, but I think the service is almost the same. The job done here is maybe one of the best, and they do prostrate massage if that’s your kind of thing. Soft touching is ok, clothes on, with one of the girls I’ve managed to take the bra off. They are not allowed to take tips. Has shower. I don’t remember the girls numbers, but they are usually good looking, nothing stunning. Also the legit massage part is quite good.

2) Wanghangdu Lu, Wuning Lu.

Go north by the large Wanghangdu Lu and after you pass Xinzha Lu you will see a small alley on the left with a massage sign, go in the alley for 100m. This place is a little dark and not too clean, with spider webs on the corners, but has a private shower which is not too bad and it’s 24-7 open. (I’ve tried on Chinese holidays!). I went there 3 times, girls are averagely good and not so old, but I don’t remember the numbers. If I remember well price is 207, no tips required if you don’t want to do any touching. Service is fair, I felt like the massage is copied from the above mentioned MP, but the legit massage could be better.

3) Shaanxi Lu, Changping Lu.

This place is more sauna looking than a MP, they actually have a bed in the room (there’s also the hole for the face). You shower before and after, and they offer 188 and 208 services (again, not really sure) , but I don’t really get what’s the difference. Service is like the others, normal massage, touching your parts from the bottom, flip over and HJ, but tits are naked here and they also use them to massage you. A LOT of touching allowed! In this place thou, it will change a lot according to the girl, some will do a horrible fake moaning and some are not that good looking. I use to take number 9, following a guy’s comment here, and it’s really one of the best girls I’ve had in SH, she did the service happily, nice tit wank and slipping her body on yours. Unfortunately she left.

4) Nandan Lu, Wending Lu.

Huge place with guys with radios and lots of rooms, but it didn’t make me uncomfortable. Price is 208 (tbc) and no shower, but don’t stop here. A guy here suggested 98 for the body and 92 saying it was his best service. 92 is never there, thou, maybe she left and they don’t want to say. 98 is really good looking, perfect ass small tits. I think that no tipping will still give you access to the ass, but man, give her 100 kuai and she will happily let you take all her clothes off and even masturbate her. I’ve tried by all means a BJ, but no way.

5) Maoming Lu, Weihai Lu.

Go down a few steps, then take the elevator to the 3rd floor. It’s a legit massage parlor place, so you have to clearly (but not loudly) say to the receptionist you want want a oil massage (first time the girl was too stupid to understand me, she took me to the feet massage room so I left). There is usually a few old ladies coming out of the feet massage. The place here is really clean and good looking, price is 208. I took a guys suggestion and picked number 18. REALLY good looking, maybe a 9 or 10, small but perfect tits which she won’t allow you to see for less than 200 kuai, but they have to wear pants, so no skirt to our enjoyment. HJ is included without tip. Also the massage part was quite good. Rooms and showers are big and clean.

6) Ruijin Lu, Fuxing Lu.

Atmosphere is also of a legit MP, no shower thou. Massage is 227, but HJ is paid extra 200 (they will ask 300, and I never managed to get it for 100). I would say this will be expensive for the service they have, but sometimes I like to go there when I want a legit massage (which is really pro) , and a HJ just to end well. Sometimes you can see a tit or touch a little more if you speak Chinese.

That’s all, hope you guys can comment and contribute with other places or girls numbers on these places.


The above information is from the following website:


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