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Firstly, I would like to thank all of the people that have posted here which made everything so much easier.

I hope that this post will prove to be equally helpful to first timers in HK and that it may save them trawling through all the various posts to get the required information.

I only tried the massage parlours, Wanchai and Hari’s bar so information will be primarily on those options, although having studied the forum at length, I will try and add some additional, all be it limited information on other options.

There are various options available for having fun in Hong Kong including the following:

Massage places


bars in Kowloon – Hari’s and Sticky fingers



Street Walkers

2 main massage places feature heavily on the HK forum, although there are plenty of others which I cannot comment on, not having visited them.

K pressure

Located on the corner of Jordan and Woosung – There is a yellow sign which has the letter K and also the figure 390. There’s lots of information on the board about locating them, but a street map (you should be able to get one from your hotel) will get you to the street. Just walk up Nathan Road, turn left onto Jordan and then left again on to Woosung. About 5-7 mts down Woosung on the left hand side you’ll see the sign. Walk through the entrance and walk straight up the stairs in front of you. There was a security guard or building manager there – just say massage and he will point to the stairs. Go up to the 1st floor. The mamasan will greet you in English and just say you want the full service. She will explain the costs which are about HKD 390 for the girl and another 100-110 for the hotel. You pay her the 390 and she will guide into a small, dimly lit room with a television, most likely showing some program in Chinese. She will bring in some girls for you to choose. If you don’t like what you see, ask for some different girls. Once you have chosen your girl, she will take you by the hand to the hotel on the next floor. Here you pay the HKD 100-110 to the hotel and then get taken to the room. In the room, you will get a shower with the girl. She will clean you thoroughly and then put an inflatable mattress on the shower floor with a fresh towel and give you a nice soapy body to body massage. From there she will take you to the bed and more fun begins. There will most likely be some porn being shown in the room.

After the time is up, the phone will ring, and then she will guide you to the shower, wash you off again and send you off. The mamasan may ask you for feedback on the way out.

The facilities at K pressure are good and clean and the girls, at least when I went were probably in the range 6-8, a little older than 37 dundas – see later.

37 Dundas

Located on the corner of Nathan and dundas – just look for a yellow sign showing the number 390. The building number is 37, although most likely you would not need it.

The procedure is much the same as K pressure, except that the girls, at least those that I saw were younger.

There was no inflatable mattress in my case, although the soapy massage was still done, just with the girl standing and bending.

The service here was excellent, and I ended up paying another HKD 200 for an additional 30 or so minutes.

The girl, although not enthusiastic initially, soon changed after some DATY. (good tip – I have generally found that some girls do not allow fingering and the like, but this soon changes after you have given them some attention.) At one point I had her put a condom on her finger and stick it up my arse. A great experience and I would definitely return.


I did not visit any of these but from having read the forum, the procedure is pretty straight forward.

Go to Google and type “141 sex” and you will get a list of websites. Go into any one of them and you will have a whole load of girls to choose from.

Either call the number for the desired girl and follow instructions or go to the address specified for the girl and knock on her door. If she is available, great, if not, try another door in the building (for this you should have a list of WG apartments in that building – do not just knock on any door – it may not be a WG)

There are also hotel girls – these tend to work out of certain hotels and the calibre can sometimes be very good.

Tsim Tsa Tsui has some great looking girls.

Once again, I did not visit the 141 girls as from the reports that I read, it did not really appeal to me. The service can sometimes be rushed and girls are not always as described (again this is from having read the forum as many others swear by them)

Price for 141 girls varies but is displayed on the website.

Bars in Kowloon

2 main bars are mentioned on the forum: Hari’s bar and Stickyfingers.

Hari’s is located inside the Holiday Inn golden mile (on Nathan road towards Salisbury road end). When I was there, there were a handful of girls perhaps 10 or so of varying calibre. I ended up choosing a Mongolian and took her home for the whole night for HKD 1000.

Sticky fingers is nearby (I think on Mody road, although I could not find it, so can’t really comment.


Having read the forum, these seem to be yellow sign places. I did not see these or try them, but understand that prices would be much cheaper, although service probably rushed or hit and miss.


Around the temple street night market. I only visited temple street during market hours (I think about 6 – 11pm, but found a few of them in the streets running parallel to temple street – woosung mainly – there were a couple of real stunners, but it’s not my thing so can’t really comment.

The legend that is Wanchai

This is paradise. The action centres around lockheart road and jaffe road (both streets run parallel). As a rule, I avoided the clubs where they mamasans may try and coax you in – these places may be ok, but equally may be rip off joints – I would just avoid them – you have enough other options.

The number of drinking establishments is plenty, although I only tried the following:

Joe bananas



Neptune – I did not go into Neptune, as they wanted to charge me entrance of HKD 150 – I think this is because I was Indian.

Indians seem to have a bad rep around here, not just with this bar, but also some of the girls.

I ended up in Amazonia which was rocking and ended up taking two Filis back to my hotel. This was not easy, as being an Indian, they seemed to have concerns. I later learned that a friend of theirs had been hit by an Indian punter the night before – These guys are just F***ing idiots and end up giving decent people a bad name.

Anyway, after some negotiating, both on price and when they would be paid (they wanted in advance because I was Indian) we ended up settling on HKD 1000 for each girl with half payment first. In the end, by the time I got them back to my hotel, they felt comfortable and relaxed enough to not worry about the money until the following morning and a great time was had by all.

They ended up leaving at about 11am the following morning after some more action when we got up.

One point to note if anyone else is thinking a threesome with Filis. They were fastidiously clean to the point that they would towel my dick off after switching with each other giving me Bj’s.

Anyway, I still had a great time, but threesome was not really a threesome, more of switching between one and the other. Very different to some other girls in other countries where I have had one sitting on my face while the other sat on my cock. Even switching between girls without changing condoms. I guess girls are different the world over – that’s what keeps us all in the game.

So, I hope that provides all the newbie’s with some general information that will be useful and make their time in HK that much more enjoyable.

One final tip that I found worked rather well, in fact I picked it up from another Mongolian in Hari’s who was asking for silly money – she kept on saying it is my body. So from then on, when I would negotiate, the girls would ask how much you pay them. I think they like you to start with a number so that they can also assess what they can get out of you. I would never give a number, always saying that it is their body and as such they should suggest a price and if I liked it I would accept, and if not, no problem. Most often they would smile (it also seems a little less predatory) and come in at a good starting point to commence the negotiation.

As a general rule you should not be paying more that HKD 1000 for an overnighter.

Enjoy guys. I most definitely did in the few days I was there.

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