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When you walk in Hong Kong, Tsim Sha Tsui, mong kok, temple street, port street, you can see a lot of massage room, TKV, foot shops, dazzling nightclub throughout the Hong Kong streets. Although there is no a legal red-light district of Hong Kong, but as far as the eye can see, these places are a hotbed of erotic places in Hong Kong. in order to make money from the pocket of tourists, the entertainment in these places not only hire a teeny clients, but also put massage girl photos, or even indecent photo on the wall in the street. The Hong Kong massages are really chaotic…..


Tsim Sha Tsui is located in Kowloon, it is one of Hong Kong busy city, and here are thousands of foot bath shops, massage rooms.


 As signs so bright in the street, some men are certainly unable to bear the loneliness



All kinds of “Special Service” are in VIP rooms…

adam's apple bar

Come out from any metro subway estuary, you can see all kinds of “spring scenery poster advertising”.

 ktv ads

“The young girls serve for you with passion, if you try, you will never forget”. Business advertisement looks so naked.

 girls ads

In a building in Portland street, there are countless small shop, all kinds of pornographic posters are filled with narrow space.

portland street building


Nightfall, besides a lot Zhuchang girls, the streetwalkers is also the “speciality” in Hong Kong red light district.

WG in Street

Portland street is Hong Kong famous red light district, the nightclubs, karaoke bars here have a lot of song girls.

 sun du wui

Actually if Hong Kong people want to go for a formal massage, they usually can go to Shenzhen, because the cost of massage in Shenzhen is cheap and affordable.

ginza Most shocking is, these Erotic places are often mixed in a building with the residence


Ha ha, if you press the wrong door, citizens are often harassed by the whoremaster.

ktv sign

In a small alley in Tsim Sha Tsui, life is all in. A naked man is injecting drugs…

drug man in HK

A entertainment advertising is so naked here, if some children walked by, they must blush with shame

ads sign

 There is no legal red-light district exists in Hongkong, but it does not affect the body business in Hong Kong. Recently, a Hong Kong women who has ten residential units and manipulation of the prostitutes, was arrested in the Hong Kong police campaign.

crack down Some places, if a men step into, they usually play a “full service“. If he want to do regular massage, he almost not in here.

mens only

This service in this massage shop is really very cheap. Full service is 380rmb/50minutes whatever you like to do.

full service

 If you really feel tired and want to get a pedicure. This massage shop is not going to be porn, this boy always hold an ads, he may also very tired.

indian guy

The following picture is that a foot bath is opened in a residential building in Hong Kong.

foot bath

Refers to the beauticians or massage therapists in some pressure centers, massage parlors, beauty salon and hair salon etc, these people generally are young women, they not only provide regular service, but also provide additional sexual services.

massage technician

For the massage industry, whether it is “Thai”, or “Japanese”, “Chinese style”, the special service are all indispensable way of attracting customers.


This is a door of a massage parlors in Tsim Sha Tsui, massage therapists, price, environment are all available in street light boxes advertising. Massage costs range from hk $366 – thousands of yuan, the photo of massage girl is sexy. Foot massage centers, pressure center, massage parlours, saunas, etc., are mostly distributed in Mong kok, Tsim Sha Tsui, yau ma tei downtown distribution.

massage sign

Some massage parlors underground without brand sites, sometimes they will hang out “diagnosis and treatment of traditional Chinese medicine” and so on, but patrons know, the so-called “Chinese medicine” actually is the meaning of special massage.

chinese massage sign

The massage girls in these places are from Hong Kong, mainland China, Thailand and other southeast Asian countries. And feet bathing, massage in a wide range of categories of leisure entertainment has also become a “psoriasis” in Hong Kong, it has became “signature dishes” for Hong Kong to attract tourists from all around the world.

good or bad

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