Hong Kong Focal Activities in the Last Three Months

Travelling to Hong Kong, you are likely to go shopping or sightseeing, but you probably will not pay attention to the Hong Kong local activities in the last three months of the year. When you are tired of shopping or visiting the tourist attractions, it is a good choice to take part in these focal activities in Hong Kong. 

1. Horse Racing on the National Day (国庆赛马日)

nationadayracedayActivity Date: 1st October, 2013

In China, 1st October is the National Day. On that day, there will be a house racing in the Sha Tin Racecourse. Apart from the house racing, many famous Chinese singers and traditional craftsmen will come to the racecourse and present audience a feast of vision.

Address: Sha Tin Racecourse                                     地址:沙田马场

Relative Website: www.hkjc.com

2. Fine Art Asia (香港国际古玩及艺术品博览会)

fineartasia2013Activity Date: 4th-7th October, 2013

Fine Art Asia, a bridge between Tradition and Modernity, East and West, was founded in 2006 by Art & Antique International Fair Ltd, the pioneer of art fairs in Hong Kong. It is presented annually in Hong Kong in early October and now acknowledged by the international art world as the premier art fair in Asia presenting a unique combination of Art and Antiques.

Address: 1 Expo Road, Wan Chai                             地址:湾仔世博览道1号

Relative Website: http://magazine.99ys.com/periodical/per_152/article–480–1632_1.shtml

3. Victoria Harbor Swimming (维港泳)

harbour_race_2013Activity Date: 6th October, 2013

On the charming Victoria harbor, there will a group of swimming lovers compete for the champion in the swimming race which is about 1.8 kilometers long. This swimming race has a long history which can trace back to 1906. It once stopped for 33 years and re-ran in the year 2011 and attracted more than 1000 people in Hong Kong.

Address:Victoria harbor                                            地址:维多利亚港

Relative Website: www.hkharbourrace.com

4. Hong Kong Wine & Dine Month(香港美酒佳肴月)

bob_wineAndDrinkActivity Date: 31st October to 30th November, 2013

Loving to eat and know what to eat, do you want to use the tip of the tongue to travel around the world? You do not need to run around because there will be a Wine & Dine month from October to November. If your interest has been aroused, go together and share the feast composed of charming scenery, wine and delicious food.

Address: The new seaside, Central                            地址:中环新海滨

Relative Website: http://www.discoverhongkong.com/china/see-do/events-festivals/highlight-events/wine-dine-festival.jsp

5. Lan Kwai Fong Carnival (兰桂坊嘉年华)

Activity Date:23rd-24th November

LKF-Carnival-2013Coming to the grand street parties: Lan Kwai Fong Carnival and celebrate the frenzy over the weekend! 80 stalls will bring you the handicraft works, cuisine and vintage wine around the world. Samba girls, pole dancing girls and African percussion bands will interact with you in the street. Also, there is a children street specially prepared for the lively children. Stop hesitating, come and join in them!

Address: Lan Kwai Fong                                       地址:兰桂坊

Relative Website:www.lankwaifong.com

6. Touching the Hong Kong Outskirts

bob_great-outdoorActivity Date: November 2013

In Hong Kong, it’s a cool autumn in November which is a good time to go Hiking. Hong Kong, Asia’s World City, possesses a large area of outskirts. Besides, the wizard scenery is quite close to the downtown so that you can go into the embrace of nature within 30 minutes from the downtown. Getting in touch with nature and you will gain a healthy body.

Address: Dragon ridge hiking trails                地址:龙脊远足径

Relative Website: http://www.discoverhongkong.com/china/see-do/events-festivals/highlight-events/great-outdoors.jsp

7. Hong Kong Colorful Winter’s Day (香港缤纷冬日节)

bob_winterfestActivity Date: November 2013

On Hong Kong Colorful Winter’s Day, each street and lane is permeated with strong festive atmosphere, and changing the site will be a new experience. The skyscrapers on the both sides of Victoria Harbor spread out shiny and colorful lights which are always amazing. The festival atmosphere of jubilation in the city, always can let you find the best way of celebration in Hong Kong and have a perfect winter holiday season.

Address: Victoria harbo                          地址:维多利亚港

Relative Website: http://www.discoverhongkong.com/china/see-do/events-festivals/highlight-events/great-outdoors.jsp

Reference website: http://www.discoverhongkong.com/china/index.jsp


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