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BDSM Services in Hong Kong – You Must Know

It is common that people will have some fantasies about being a sadism or masochism during sex. That’s maybe people’s original lust to try something new during everyday’s sexual life. At most of time, we believe our fantasies are real and normal. That’s why people begin to feel they would like their bedroom becoming a bit rough and interesting. You don’t want to hurt anyone or being hurt by others, but you are going to experience unique pleasure in BDSM games. Some Hong Kong mistresses are able to provide good BDSM services. It can be fun and exciting to have a new adventure in your room, being a master or a slave. Continue reading


Hong Kong Largest Porn Website Smashed by the Police

1386296675_pim8xs5th December 2013, Hong Kong police smashed the largest porn website “”. During this action, 114 people were arrested, including 6 key members and 78 sex workers.

“” was controlled by a man nicknamed “King of Porn Website”. He controlled more than 500 prostitutes, helped prostitutes take pornographic photos and put them on the Internet. These photos were released in the south-eastern Asia and Taiwan to attract johns. Each year, “King of Porn Website” can earn more than 60 million HKD for advertisement fees from these prostitutes.  Continue reading


Conn job at Mong Kok through Wechat

A sucker’s born each day and today, I’m that sucker.

Ok, here goes: I was recently bored and used Wechat to add friends. This one was ‘shaken’ and a rather lovely girl popped up. As we chatted, she lamented that she wasn’t getting enough business and asked me to engage her services. She was really attractive but I was suckered once too often having being the victim of ‘bait and switch’ once too often. Anyway, a few days passed and each day she pestered me to engage her. Today I had a really rough day at work and coupled with a nasty quarrel with my gf. So I needed to find some company to soothe the bruised ego. I contacted her. Continue reading


Enjoy the Moment in Amazonia Bar Hong Kong

Amazonia Bar is one of the hottest live music venue and most popular meeting points in Wan chai, where Hong Kong’s wild and wonderful people like to hang out to meet the beautiful babes and the guys at here, generally, this Bar is packed with white guys and Filipinas. All the waitresses were Filipina and the guys who brought along dates, brought Filipina women. Even the band was all-Filipino. This bar is sprinkled with an artsy and playful tang, its walls hung with paintings of female bodies by local artist Malcolm Golding. With faux palm trees in the corners, the bar almost feels like a rainforest embedded with reddish and purplish soft lighting. Raised stools line the bar, while black leather sofas in the back corner give a better view of the live band.

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The Massage Guidance in Wan Chai, Hong Kong

Wan Chai is a very busy commercial district in Hong Kong. There are a lot of new high-rise commercial buildings are built on the northern shoreline where the sea was reclaimed. Because of this, there are many beauty salons, traditional massage parlors or sauna center are growing and develppping. Wan Chai might not be the first place for most people who are looking for a massage without questionable extras, but many massage places in Wan Chai are really clean and affordable.

Wan_Chai_At_Night_副本 Continue reading


Exploring the Secret of Portland Street in Hong Kong

Portland Street is one of the most popular streets in Kowloon, Hong Kong. it runs north-south and parallel to (and west of) Nathan Road, a main thoroughfare up the Kowloon peninsula, Portland Street extends through the districts of Yau Ma Tei and Mong Kok in Kowloon. The street is known for its business and retailing skyscraper complex Langham Place, massage parlours, karaoke, hostess bars, numerous restaurants and its famous red-light district. With it’s dizzying and chaotic array of neon signs the area has also become a popular place for movie makers.

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Five Famous Gay Sauna Clubs in Hong Kong

Hong Kong as an international modern city, not only is one of the most well-known cities in Asia, but also a city where exits most gay clubs in Asia. There are five renowned HK gay sauna clubs which are highly recommended during your visit in Hong Kong if you want to experience the charm of Hong Kong sauna. They are Hu Tong Sauna, The Great Gay Sauna, My Way Sauna, Big Top and Club Houzz Sauna. Continue reading


HK – My experience and information

Firstly, I would like to thank all of the people that have posted here which made everything so much easier.

I hope that this post will prove to be equally helpful to first timers in HK and that it may save them trawling through all the various posts to get the required information.

I only tried the massage parlours, Wanchai and Hari’s bar so information will be primarily on those options, although having studied the forum at length, I will try and add some additional, all be it limited information on other options. Continue reading


The Dummies Guide to K-Pressure

FlyBoy has now returned from a quick business trip to Hong Kong, and happily it wasn’t too quick to enjoy a little bit of playtime, especially a visit to the famous K-Pressure ‘soapie massage’ & FS place.

This has been on my to-do list for the last two HK trips but each one has seen me spending too little time on the ground and / or being too tightly ‘chaperoned’ by hosts, hanging out with colleagues etc.

This time I managed to snare some time for myself and visit K-Pressure, not just to experience it for myself but to research it and provide a review for my ISG comrades. And in the interest of providing an accurate review I researched K-Pressure three times. Continue reading