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Compensated Fraud via Wechat

Three men were deceived via Wechat, two middle school students were included. Compensated1_副本 dating was used as a bait, the swindling group find their prey by sending beautiful girls’ pictures to attract men’s attention. Those two students was enticed to send them 100rmb and 650HK dollars, but failed to meet the girl. Another victim was a middle-aged bachelor who send 1000rmb via alipay, he did not perceive until the requirement for extra 3000rmb came. Two of the victims publicized this fraud to stop men getting tricked again.

The involved student, surnamed Zheng, realized he was tricked and he decided to disguise himself as a whoremaster to draw her out. They made a bargain in 600HKD, but she never showed up. Zheng threatened to call the police, but she saied she was forced and then disappeared again.

0224-00176-022p4g4_副本The other victim surnamed Chen, after the payment of 1000rmb, he asked directly for a sex trade, but she didn’t showed up, and ask for another 3000rmb for cash deposit, when he found out it was a trap, he went to alipay for help.


Finding Shemale/Ladyboy Escort in Hong Kong

In Hong Kong, you can find working girls almost everywhere, in the street, pickup bars, saunas or some massage parlors. However, it will be difficult if you want to find shemale escorts in this international metropolis. That’s because China is a conservative country, the demand on ladyboy is low. Moreover, almost all shemale/ladyboys escorts are from other countries, such as Thailand, Indonesia and the Philippines etc. In other words, there is no local shemale/ladyboy in Hong Kong.  Continue reading


Looking for the Tantric Massage in Hong Kong

What is Hong Kong Tantric Massage?

yyyyyyyyTantra Massage in Hong Kong is a combination of loving touch that gently soothes the body and senses while at the same time awakening the spiritual life force(sexual energy). Tantric massage uses special techniques for heightening and prolonging sexual pleasure and is able to heal wounded sexuality, leading to increased power, vitality and longevity. A tantric massage is also a relaxing experience. It might take you longer to relax as you will be in a new environment, but it’s normal to feel anxious first time. If the masseuse is friendly and can put you at ease with her presence and charisma, you’ll be ok from the beginning, the entire experience is essentially a ritual that celebrates the whole being that you are, and encourages you to completely relax into a state of receiving conscious touch and pleasure.

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Brothels Converted From Toilets Raided by Hong Kong Police

1Recently, Hong Kong Police raided several brothel in an unused shopping mall in Yuen Long area. These brothels were converted from public toilets. In this action which lasted for two days, Hong Kong police arrested 84 people, including 33 men and 51 women. Among the 51 women, 37 are from the mainland China aging from 17 to 72 years old and live in this unused shopping mall.  Continue reading


The Compensated Dating Escorts in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a bridge between the West and the east culture and it has been a combination of western economy and culture of the East, this city has the small territory but large population, it is the world financial and trade centre, so it also has rich and vibrant nightlife. During your trip in Hong Kong, what should be the first thing you need to consider? The answer is that you just need to find a professional escort girl to accompany you to spend some quality time during both daytime and nighttime, now in Hong Kong, the Compensated Dating(援交, Yuanjiao) which can be regarded as one part of the escort has become very popular in this modern city.


What is Compensated Dating?

Compensated dating is originated in Japan where older men give money luxury gifts to attractive girls for their companionship and also sexual favors. These participants are mostly the school-aged Hong Kong, those teenagers who are over 15 years old is available for “compensated dating” and this has been becoming more acceptable among Hong Kong teenage girls, who do not think compensated dating is a kind of prostitution. These young escort girls can choose their clients, both teenage boys and old men. This job provide more opportunities to go shopping, eat out or go to a movie with men in return for payment to fulfill their material needs.


Where Can You Find the Compensated Dating Girls in Hong Kong?

You may feel a little difficult to find a Compensated Dating Girls not just a adult escort girl on the website, because there are still not a lot of adult websites can provide this kind of escort services for more details, but it doesn’t mean it is not existed, you can find this special escort service on such as Hong Escort Find, you can see there are teenage escort girls to rent for an evening to go out with you to dinner, movie and dancing or for other special service, but if you choose, you will still know Compensated Dating is not compulsory, it not means for anything. Besides the website, you can also find these young girls at small streets in Hong Kong.


The Following are the Ads from Those Compensated Dating Girls in Hong Kong You Can Find

1. Qingqing

Hi brothers, I am Qingqing, 20 years old, a student now. I take escort as a part time job as I am a student during daytime. Normal sex, no special services. If you want get services from someone with great sex skills, or you don’t like plump girl, I am not your angel. I am a sweet girl, a little bit shy, but I am active on bed. I like change positions during our happy time. Please bring condoms with you. I have some uniforms. If you like role games, I can play with you. I can also be your dinner and party companion. No anal, no incall. Good at oral sex. Places: Kwun Tong, Mong kok, Yau Ma Tei, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon Tong. Call me at (+86 20) 38808617

2. Yuki

Hi, I am Yuki. 100% real person and real picture! I am a kind and gentle angel as well as a wild cat on your bed. I have white skin, soft body and pretty face. On a tranquil night in this town, I will fulfill all your desire with my sexy body and warm personality in your hotel room. I know how to pamper a gentleman, no matter on bed or during conversation. I am polite and out-going. No rush services I promise. My mission is to bring happiness and release your inner passion. So do not hesitate to let me be your side.

3. YY

Hello, everyone, I am YY. I am an elegant and pretty girl in East Tsim Sha Tsui. I am a slim and a bit skinny. If you like plump girls, I may not the one. My charming and warm personality attracts many gentlemen. I offer various services. If you have some unique requirements, we can talk about it, 500hkd for additional fee. If you want me be your side, contact me at least 6hrs in advance. No anal, SM, oral sex, cum facial or any other terrible sex. Waiting for you!

Now, the Compensated dating of Hong Kong teenagers is more and more serious, a survey found that every sixty students has one compensated dating escort, and let people feel very surprise, there are more boys than girls, there are about 30% boys can provide sexual services. the expert points out, the reason for these children to do this job is not just for the money, they may be lack of family care, and now there are all kinds of smart phones help them to do this kind of escort service, so it is also very difficult to boycott.


The Websites Where You Can Get Sex Service Info After the Smash of

After the smash of on 5th December 2013, the sex service info of mainland China and Hong Kong were no longer available. However, its English forum and Chinese forum of Hong Kong are still running. If you can read Chinese, you can find the ads of working girls here in its Chinese forum. Nevertheless, if you want to know about more info of Hong Kong sex service, we are glad here to recommend some websites.  Continue reading


The Difference Between Walk-in and Walk-up Appointment

There are basically 3 types of 141 services rendered in HKG. The first one is Hotels Walk-Ins’ whereby you either visit them at their hotel room. The second is 141 walk up apartment which means you are like going to Geylang or Petain Rd and telling everybody that you are looking for a release. The 3rd is that there are those who only offer massage with happy endings. Continue reading


The Red-light Area in Fuji Building

Hong Kong’s red light districts are famed around the world. Many foreign visitors arrive in the city and like to go to Hong Kong’s red light districts and the prostitutes are legal in Hong Kong. Hong Kong’s main red light district, or historical red light district is Wan Chai on Hong Kong Island. It was here that Suzy Wong was set and where American sailors on shore leave pile into. But there are also many other places in Hong Kong you can find large scaled “red Light” area such as in Causeway Bay

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Sex doesn’t sell

An old industry is in deep recession

TIMES are tough for Debbie, a prostitute in western England who runs a private flat with other “mature ladies”. She does two or three jobs a day. A year ago she was doing eight or nine. She has cut her prices: “If I hadn’t, I wouldn’t still be open.” She says that she can now make more money doing up furniture and attending car-boot sales than she can turning tricks.

George McCoy, who runs a website reviewing over 5,000 massage parlours and individuals, says that many are struggling. Sex workers tell him they have been forced to hold down prices. Like other businesses, massage parlours and private flats are suffering from rising rents and energy costs. Even Mr McCoy’s website is under the cosh: visitor numbers are down by a third. Continue reading