Hooking up in a Bar in Shanghai

Today, China is becoming an international community because of the global economy. As a result you will find that it has attracted a lot of people from all over the world to have a visit in China, especially in those modern big city such as Shanghai, Shanghai is quickly becoming a product of extreme westernization, with restaurant menus, roadsigns and advertisements being displayed in both English and Chinese. You can see a lot of Africans, Europeans, Thai’s, Koreans and Japanese, Latin Americans are living or traveling in Shanghai. For these friends from all over the world, what’s the most attractive thing they think? I think the answer may be ”the nightlife” in Shanghai. Most foreigners are really interested in hooking up in Shanghai this beautiful city, especially the gentlemen. But how to HOOK UP? I hope the following information may help you.

In general, the Girls in Shanghai will not be comfortable with daytime game, they require a lot more comfort and approval from their social circle at night, so if you are looking for a date in Shanghai, you may know that the Shanghai dating scene is alive and hopping at night, if you do not speak Chinese, then you are at a disadvantage but women will still definitely date you. Your dating pool will be limited to bilingual Chinese women and other expats.

Many expats meet women in Shanghai through various channels: The internet offers many dating forums and bulletin boards specifically for Shanghai. If you plan on making a stop there, you can hit up facebook and other sites before you go and message a bunch of hot chicks in different Shanghai party groups who are very young and sexy and speak English. You may only see these girls at once, they will not appear again, so you will remember their MSN messenger and cell phone too, it was highly effective for you. But Shanghai is a big city so not all girls you meet will give you a happy ending.

Another thing you can do in Shanghai for hooking up is go out and hit up the nightclubs, which is also pretty effective, when you in these nightclub, you will find that the girls are willing to hook up with a foreigner. If you were going to Shanghai with the sole purpose of hooking up, the following is a list of places should still be good for picking up at night:

1. Guandii1379463005179

This is a great place if you know people who are regulars here. it attracts the same crowd. Mostly Taiwanese people, international crowd in the sense that everyone is Asian but not Shanghainese. Once you make friends with some regulars, they will immediately begin introducing you to dozens of cute girls who are looking for a guy to date. This place generally serves the 20-30 demographic. It seems to be a very popular place for Koreans as well.

2. Babyface

1383111494580There are many Shanghainese and speak Shanghainese like play in this club. This place is loud as hell and difficult for conversation. You will definitely be able to get the dancefloor makeout. its music policy and interior design is copied wholesale all over the country. Babyface’s Shanghai branch is one of the most consistently busy clubs in the city thanks to their reputation and huge following among many locals. Music ranges from hip hop to house and breaks with a steady stream of int’l talent on the weekends. it is insanely loud and impossible to hear girls. This is a very local scene and you will not really see many expats here.1379465092380


It is a new hip-hop club located very close to the trendy XinTianDi area, it is very fun. it might be a good idea to come to this bar with some friends. There are more casual/quiet areas in the place to sit down and smoke shisha, which is also a great way to have a conversation with a girl you meet there.


1383185237103It is a very popular and well known club in Shanghai. Every night has its own specific events and weekends bring in world renowned DJs. There are two levels, one hip hop and one techno/trance. Great place for single-mingling or for friends to come drink, it a interesting bar with different rooms of music. As someone who loves to dance, Muse is an ideal place for me. The dancefloor is your best bet here. Drinks are pricey. Girls here are somewhat classier though and many are really hot.


5. BAR ROUGE1377825989920

This is a club with a stunning view of the bund (river). most of the club consisted of old and rich French expats with 19 year old Chinese models on their arms. Nonetheless, if you fit the profile of an expat with money or a fat corporate package, you will fit in great here. The price is very expensive.


1379462557858This is a shisha bar and lounge which is very good if you are looking for a very laid back ambiance. Probably better for the demographic of men who are Caucasian and over 30 years old. It is pretty pricey but is perfectly suited for an expat who is looking to date more international and classy women.


7. ATTICA1379478001687

Attica is another club on the Bund (riverbank) that has great panoramic views and a patio with a bar. It has several different rooms with various music and themes. This place tends to cater more towards expats like Bar Rouge, but doesn’t really have the same snobby ambiance and brings a more diverse and attractive crowd.


1379294179480This place is a cramped, sketchy, and expensive after hours spot in the French quarter. Some guys might like it, This place is notorious for having drug dealers.

9. G+

G+ is a nightclub within a mall that can get uncomfortably crowded on Friday and Saturday nights. You can see a lot of tourists, expats and locals all boozing the night away. At the entrance ask for the 100rmb open bar. the alcohol quality is terrible, but the dancefloor at G+ has always got some talent creeping around.

10. Phebe

1385004212619This bar is located in Hengshan Road. A lot of P4P hangin’ around this place, a fair share of African ones too. Phebe can be a lot of fun. There’s plenty of single girls around, and the music is killer. Filter out the P4P and have a good time. Phebe is on Hengshan Road which is littered with nightclubs, so it’s a good spot to start your night.

11. Zapatax1378281038656.jpg.pagespeed.ic.JV-E35JBAE

Zapatas is a club filled with 80% foreigners. Free beer on Mondays from 10pm – 11pm. Good music. A little tacky, but can be fun. Has a backpacker feel to it some nights. There is an outdoor bar right outside where people from the club sit around and chill/smoke. A good place to make friends/chat up girls. There’s ladders at the side of the bar for girls to climb up and dance.

12. M1NT – Bund area.1378882296610

It is Shanghai’s most famous nightclub, M1NT is filled to the brim with rich expats, rich tourists and rich locals. You can find a couple of girls to go with they’ll let you in, especially if you’re foreign. Dress nice. Coat check is free. Drinks are expensive, bring a few stacks. This is where the rich and famous hang out in Shanghai. Music’s good, people are beautiful and money is being thrown around like tissue paper. Models dance on the bar and sharks swim around in the tanks behind you.

13. Cuvvae

This is a clean, modern nightclub on the Bund with decent music but not much of a party atmosphere. Drinks are good but expensive. Often attracts the expat crowd. It is worth checking out. Most memorable part was the big black bouncer with a cool haircut.

14. The Geisha

Hit up Geisha on ladies night for a good time. Ladies drink free until midnight, and the crowd is a nice mix of sophisticated locals and young expats. Never overcrowded and the music is just loud enough so that you can hear yourself speak without screaming and losing your voice. The music is excellent, the drinks are excellent, the crowd is excellent.

15. Windows Basement

Windows Basement plays a fantastic mix of reggae and old school hip hop beats, with a little bit of the new school thrown in. there are lots of cute girls, lots of good, cheap drinks, lots of space, and open until the wee hours of the morning, always a good time, and exponentially better than the other late night option.

16. Park 971379635930498

Not a good place to creep. Too much sitting down and drinking. Tiny little dancefloor. It’s in Fuxing Park, which I never spent much time at. There’s other clubs around there,

17. Mooks

Also a sit down in groups and drink place. Cool if you have a group of guys and girls and want to chill out and work on your date. Not a good place to roll solo and try and pickup.

18. Eden

Similar to Mooks, but not as many tables. It’s just one floor below Mooks. Or above. Can’t remember, but same building anyway. You can roll solo here, but I wouldn’t recommend it. MUCH better venues for doing that.

19. Helen’s1384397742872

This is a university pub quite far out of the centre. It is however filled every Friday night with Fudan University language students getting absolutely wasted on buckets of redbull vodka, whiskey cola, or cheap beers, it is a flaggers paradise. Every nationality you can think of. Nigerian, Zambian, Korean, American, Japanese, Costa Rican, all rich kids that have been sent to China to learn Mandarin but spend their time pissing all their money away instead.

In Shanghai, At many clubs, especially on weekdays, you will find an abundance of hotties just sitting at tables, all dressed to the 9s with perfect makeup, sitting there doing nothing with a pissed off look on their face playing with their phones. These girls are not hookers. They are paid to sit there by the club owner to make the club look “full of hot girls”. It’s usually between the hours of 10pm and midnight, or around that time. But they’re not hookers, so go for glory Smile

When you go to a club, you can try to make a friend with the White guy promotion. These guys, typically a 21 year old white male, are targeted for promotion jobs in Shanghai. Clubs hire a young, good looking white guy to suit up every Friday and Saturday and bring as many people as possible to the club. If they bring in 15 before midnight, they get paid x amount. If they bring in 20, they can get paid more. 25, still get paid more. They are not there to sell you bottles, they are there to give them to you for free. White faces and pretty girl faces are a scarcity and every club owner wants them in his club. You have no idea how much money some of these local Chinese rich boys will spend in a club decking out their tables with high end liquor JUST to impress a pretty girl.


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