Hotel Massage in Guangzhou

No matter you are travelling for business or tour, it is important for you to find a nice hotel where you can have a great rest. The recreational facilities are something you should not miss when staying at a hotel. They help chase away the stress and tiredness caused by travelling. Most of the hotels in Guangzhou feature massage, spa and sauna facilities so that guests can enjoy their leisure time while staying. Following are some leisure venues in some budget hotels in Guangzhou where you can find massage services available.

Suiwu Leisure Center_副本Suiwu Leisure Center
Suiwu Leisure Center is located in a star rating hotel with exquisite decoration, which makes customers comfortable. It mainly provides foot massage, health care and chess and card, which will meet all clients’ needs. They have their secret way of foot bath and massage. The price of foot massage package is 108RMB for 70 minutes. Of course, the technicians are all skillful. They promise that there is no other consumption except the package money.

Zong Nan Hai Sauna Massage_副本Zong Nan Hai Sauna Massage
Located in Dongfang Hotel, the Zong Nan Hai Sauna Massage is an integrated leisure and entertainment venue providing services such as massage, sauna, cupping, scraping therapy and so on. Serving Japanese cuisine inside, the place also provides cards and other games. Now, group purchase has many discounts. The technicians are professional and there are free drinks and fruits. You’d better make an appointment in advance.

Huiquan Hotel Sauna Leisure Club_副本Huiquan Hotel Sauna Leisure Club
Situated in the Huiquan Hotel, the Sauna Leisure Club is a popular one in Guangzhou. The decoration is quite new and the place is spacious. The massage room is decorated in the same way as the hotel room, which is very nice. The buffet served in the sauna center is very delicious. The massage girl in this sauna club is very nice and young. Services such as oil massage, foot massage, full body massage, traditional Chinese massage and others are available.

Chiang maiChiang Mai Foot Massage
Located on the 5th floor of the IT World Hotel, the Chiang Mai Foot Massage features adequate arts and environmental style as well as elegant and sophisticated facilities. There are 18 private footbath rooms and 2 massage rooms. Professional therapists will provide you with the most authentic traditional Chinese medical massage to eliminate your fatigue adjust your organs function and improve your body.

Teem Ease Hotel Sauna Club_副本Teem Ease Hotel Sauna Club
Situated in the 4th floor of Teem Ease hotel, this sauna club is a good place with the integration of sauna, massage, Internet cafe, chess and card room and so on. With beautiful decoration and warm service, it has a good business. Masseurs here are professional. With several years of training, each of them can provide you with authentic massage service.

Dong Ya Hui_副本Dong Ya Hui
Dong Ya Hui is located in Yuexiu district. The location is easy to find. Though the place is small, the service inside the sauna center very nice and kind. The entrance fee of the sauna is about 100RMB per person. Providing supporting facilities, you can rest in the sauna place for the whole night. Guests can also enjoy the buffet here. There are more than 5 massage girls for you to choose. Providing skillful and professional services, the massage girls are young and nice.

Bi Cheng Health Center_副本


Bi Cheng Health Center
The Bi Cheng Health Center is a healthcare center located on the third floor of the Bicheng Hotel. Providing services such as foot bath, foot massage, cupping, traditional Chinese massage and other healthcare treatments, the place features well trained and professional therapists. The interior id decorated in Chinese style and the environment is clean. Discount is available on every Sunday. Remember to make reservation in advanced.

Ocean Hotel Sauna Center

Ocean Hotel Sauna Center_副本Located in the 4th floor of the Ocean Hotel, the Sauna Center is convenient for the guests who live in the hotel. With the luxurious decoration and elegant environment, it becomes an upscale center. Masseurs here are quite professional, each of who has been trained for several years. Their press techniques and strength are good enough to make you feel comfortable and relaxed. You can enjoy authentic massage service. Welcome to the center!

Jin Bao Lai Leisure Center_副本Jin Bao Lai Leisure Center
Located in the 3rd floor of Jin Bao Lai Hotel, the Leisure Center features fashionable, elegant and comfortable decoration as well as high quality service. With fully-equipped facilities, there are many programs available, such as Thai massage, Meridian push oil and others. The technicians are chosen and trained seriously, each of who has authentic techniques and can guarantee that you will enjoy the best service.

Long tao Le_副本Long Tao Le
Long Tao Le is located on the 4th floor of the Longzhou Hotel. With nice and clean environment, the place is easy to find. Featuring massage rooms, rest hall, sauna rooms and so on, the place receives lots of customers everyday. The massage girls at here are all very beautiful and professional and their massage technique is really very skillful. The service attitude is really very nice. And food is very delicious.

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