Bamboo7 Massage in Shanghai

As a new-fashioned massage place where people can relax and enjoy themselves, Bamboo7 Massage offers individualized service and well trained skills in an elegant environment, this massage shop can guarantee that people will experience a most healthy, most relaxing and most trendy life. they are proud to be supported with administrative staff who focus on efficiency, and employees who exhibit a strong sense of cooperation and coordination among themselves, all of which have created a harmonious ambiance and working environment. The following are some massage types you can enjoy in Bamboo7 Massage:

1. Chinese Massage

This massage acts on the muscles, to modulate the physiological or pathological status of your body. Such techniques can help you to recover better, to get rid from tire and to enhance the blood circulation.

2. Oil Massage

Essential oil massage can stimulate the secretion of Brain Sag, Enzyme and Hormone, and balance the body functions. Each essential oil to go with different massage techniques, can show different efficacies like improving the Detoxification and cell regeneration, blood circulation, sleeping problem.

3. Ear candle

This massage can clear up auditory meatus so that the brain receives more oxygen. Therapeutic merit is also found on the treatment of cerebral nerve system, eye, ear and nose. The treatment also has favorable effect on dizziness, stuffy nose, ear ringing and insomnia.

4. Cupping

Using the special cups which are made with pottery or bamboo to remove the air tank inside in order to form a negative pressure, it will then adsorbed to certain points on the skin, resulting in skin or blood congestive physical treatment.

5. Gua Sha Treatment

It use the scratch, squeeze, pinch, pull, gill and other physical stimulation towards specific parts of the body, resulting in congestion at the surface of the skin, congestion or plaque-like bleeding. By stimulating body meridians in such ways, blood circulation can be improved.

6. Foot Massage

Foot massage is one of the most important massage technique. Foot massage is a kind of physical treatment of traditional Chinese medicine, which has been proved effective by clinical practice. Foot massage offers stimulation to specific reflex areas, enhance the function of all the organs, overcome the pathological factors both inside and outside interference to restore our body to coordinating status, and the promotion of the lymphatic system and blood circulatory system of the cycle, improve their immune function.

The Price of Massage Services:

Ear Cleaning—————————————RMB 98/    

Gua Sha Treatment——————————RMB 58/

Pedicure——————————————–RMB 58/

Cupping———————————————RMB 58/

Head Massage————————————-RMB 68/30mins

Ear candle——————————————RMB 198/60mins

Oil Massage with Rose————————–RMB 388/60mins

Oil Massage with Sandalwood—————-RMB 388/60mins

Oil Massage with Geranium——————-RMB 228/60mins

Oil Massage with Eucalyptus——————RMB 228/60mins

Oil Massage with Tea Tree———————RMB 198/60mins

Oil Massage with Lavender——————–RMB 198/60mins

Foot Massage————————————-RMB 108/60mins

Chinese Massage——————————–RMB 108/60mins

The branches of Bamboo7 Massage in Shanghai

1. Gubei branch

Reservation: 021-62098400

Address: 3F-C1 North Building, Wan Ke Square, No.37 South Shuicheng Road.

Business Hour: 10:00 — 02:00

2. Huaguang branch

Reservation: 021-54221271

Address: No.3308 Hongmei Road (Huaguang Road).

Business Hour: 10:00 — 02:00

3. Jiuzhou branch


Address:3F Jiuzhou Department Store, No. 3219 Hongmei Road.

Business Hour: 10:00— 02:00

4. Zhenning branch


Address:No.229 Zhenning Road

Business Hour: 10:30 — 01:00

5. Biyun branch


Address:No.1198 Biyun Road(near Hongfeng Road).

Business Hour: 10:30 — 01:00

6. Meihua branch


Address:No.985 Meihua Road(near FangDian Road).

Business Hour: 10:00 — 01:00

7. Pucheng branch


Address:No.708 Pucheng Road(near West Weifang Road).

Business Hour: 10:00 — 01:00

8. Xintiandi branch


Address:No. 586 Madang Road ( near Xujiahui Road).

Business Hour: 10:30 — 01:00

9. Yingchun branch


Address:No.1130 Yingchun Road(near Fangdian Road).

Business Hour: 10:00 — 01:00

10. Huangjinchengdao branch


Address:201,No.735 Huangjinchengdao Road(neat Gubei Road).

Business Hour: 11:00 — 01:00

11. Dapu branch


Address:1F Baoding Building, No.550 Xujiahui Road(near Dapu Road).

Business Hour: 11:30 — 01:00

12. Dagu branch

Reservation: 021-33662778

Address: No.508 Dagu Road.

Business Hour: 11:30 — 01:00

13. Tianshan branch

Reservation:021- 32170770

Address:No. 346 Tianshan Road.

Business Hour: 10:00 — 01:00

14. WuJieFang branch

Reservation:021-6891 1878

Address:Room 301 WuJieFang No.2000 DongMin Road (Near GaoQing road)

Business Hour: 11:30 — 01:00

15. Xianxia branch


Address:3F,No.327 Xianxia Road

Business Hour: 10:00 — 01:00

16. Pudong Avenue branch


Address:No.1116 Pudong Avenue

Business Hour: 10:00 — 01:00

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