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29<Shanghai Girls> is a 2009 novel by Lisa See, this novel is committed to her cousin, the novel mainly describe 21 year-old Pearl Chin and her younger sister, May, their lives both are lovely, contemporary, and carefree until their father tells them that he has gambled away their wealth. To repay his debts, he should sell them as wives to suitors who have traveled from Los Angeles to seek out Chinese brides. Pearl and her sister set out on the journey of a lifetime, from their own country towards the shores of America. Though they are the inseparable and best pals, the sisters also harbor petty jealousies and rivalries. Along the way they make terrible sacrifices, face extremely hard alternatives, and confront a devastating, life-changing secret, but the two heroines of this outstanding novel hold fast to who they are—Shanghai girls. The novel obtained an Honorable Mention through the Asian/Pacific American Awards for Literature. “Shanghai Girls” is really a well-woven narrative that flows properly and Lisa See credibly evokes the bond among two sisters, whose enjoy for each other is powerful, yet also fraught by rivalries. This can be not just a story about siblings for it’s also in regards to the clash among East and West as the sisters struggle to discover their footing in a new world.

30But how are about the Shanghai girl in real life? First of all, it’s important to note that due to Shanghai’s greater openness to the international community its residents are best known to foreigners. Thus it’s no wonder that Shanghai girls are more famous compared to their sisters from other Chinese cities. In general, Shanghai girls is found that they are more independent and would more often go Dutch when given a bill in restaurant.

Shanghai’s glory and fame is mainly related to its status in the world. It always had been the pioneer in the innovations and fashion of different fields. As a result, Shanghai girls always know the latest trends and exactly know what kind of lifestyle they want to get.

Shanghai girls pay very close attention to their outlook and can be almost obsessive about any detail of their dressing. Their drive for popular brands is so high that they can spend an income of few months to buy a fashionable bag or other accessory. In this light it is unsurprising that a recent survey found an average woman in Shanghai to use no less than 20 different cosmetics every day, making it the top figure in the world.

How to date with a Shanghai girl? Understandably the patterns of relationships between Shanghai girls and their men are very specific. Their Mr Right face must be very high level, If you make a search on “Shanghai girls” in internet, you will come across the term “zuo” which refers to a mixture of Shanghai girls’ characteristics like capriciousness, coquetry, mystery. The night life in shanghai is booming and you saw a lot of girls flirt with foreign guys in some famous Shanghai clubs, bars. One thing is very true, some guy is quite sweet actually, they know how to take responsibilites ,know caring , know what their girls want, if you want to have a date with a Shanghai girl, you can’t only give the girls material things, not all of the Shanghai girls like that, so please don’t make a superficial view when you just saw a part of them.

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