How Can I Meet Hot and Sexy Girls in Shanghai?

Maybe most of Shanghai girls are a little materialistic in China. So sometimes in Shanghai, many foreigners want to find a sexy woman who is not Shanghainese. In most time, if you want to meet hot sexy girls in Shanghai but are not from Shanghai and are pretty on the inside, maybe the following contents can help you.

31First, if you have dated these types of women before and you may have known how important it is to speak decent Chinese language when you are in their presence, otherwise you are getting into golddigger waters. You may feel you have what these girls look for in return. On the face of it, if you want to be successful, you should dress right, act right and be interesting, for the personal character, you should be really fun and confident. The following three most easy key tips to pick up stunning girls in Shanghai:

1. You should be rich

2. You should be very good looking

3. You should be extremely charming and fun to be around

But if you are none of these tips, then the following are some main places where those nice women tend to go together such as the high-level hotel or restaurants.

If you get invited to the fashion shows and luxury brand openings in Shanghai or you visit some higher end clothing and jewelry stores, you can get friendly with the sales girls and get their numbers that can be sure to get invites to their activities. You can also try to drink the top end hotel bars in the Jin Mao tower, Shangri-la, Portman, Four Seasons etc, these locations are gorgeous, interesting and certainly worth getting to know if you don’t have the chance to mingly with the other patrons, let your dress give those girls a deep impression under the right circumstances can also help you get the highly popular pro-gaze from the girls.

Shopping is another way you can choose, if you are in that environment, there are also a lot of opportunities to pick up those girls with a nice smile and introduction. For example, you can just step into the top end shops in some walking streets such as Nanjing Road and blow your mind at how many gorgeous women with time on their hands are in this city. On the other hand, making some female friends will also be a helpful way to meet other nice women in Shanghai.

For the majority of girls in Shanghai, they just want a nice guy with a good sense of humour and good personality. But for the extremely hot sexy girls, you will find that they like you funny and interesting, but if you do not have a successful job, money or can provide them with a rich life and security, they will not throw themselves at you. Real life is not like Hollywood romantic comedies where a super model falls for some nerd because he has a good heart, that just a film.

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