How to Find Shanghai Foot Massage Places

It has been a phenomenon that the foot massage is existed everywhere in Shanghai. There are more and more massage parlors have regarded foot massage as the main massage service the can provide. Foot Massage is based on the premise that our nerve zones or reflex points go from the bottom of our feet to the top of our head, encompassing all vital organs on the way. A trained doctor can put pressure on different meridians or energy lines on the sole and side of the feet to determine the cause of illness in China. In order to know what you’re getting into, you need a guide.

Foot Massage Technique:

There are usually several steps followed, though what happens at any parlor varies a lot.

1. The feet are soaked for ten minutes or up to an hour in warm water with ingredients such as Chinese medicinal herbs, essential oils, or bath salts. Peppermint and lavender oils are preferred by many.

2. The second involves rubbing on oil or creams. Mineral oil is often used for this. This comforts the customer and softens the skin.

3. Massaging the soles and then the toes. It is thought that the feet are a virtual qi map of the body so that manipulating various spots on the feet manipulates the various parts of the body via the qi. The toes are rubbed to affect the head, and this can relieve headaches and stress.

4. Massaging the sides of the feet and the ankles. This is thought to help make the back and spine healthier. Philosophy and History Foot massages and various qi manipulation techniques on the foot have a long history in China.

Some Reputable Foot Massage Places in Shanghai

1. Yihe Foot Massage益和足道

In this foot club, you will find one of the better values for a traditional Chinese foot massage without having to compromise a serene environment. Let the scent of incense calm you as you enter one of the rooms. The technicians in this club all from health care massage school, in order to perfect the technology, quality service, in Shanghai to provide for professional health massage.

2. He Zhong Tang Foot Massage和中堂足部按摩

This Massage Club is a professional foot massage center receiving traditional health care and therapeutic method through foot echo. It using the herbal medicine to wash foot, witch has medical function. Massage Club has gained good reputation among citizens and is now developed into an authentic health care brand.

3. Hanci Healthy Foot Hall瀚慈健足养身堂

This health club is offering different kind of massage for a reasonable price, but not so well known by western customers because it is not very big. But the environment is really very nice. The massage therapist are all very professional, they will give you a good selection there and you also can enjoy their professional service in this health club.

4. Caoejiang Foot Health Club曹娥江足浴养生会所

The massage technique of the massage therapists is really very good, and the massage technician looks beautiful and quite pleasant, the environment is also very quiet and light. The service such as washing feet is very nice and this technique is also good, the room environment is quite good, mainly the food from here taste very delicious.

5. Tangshi 796 Foot Massage唐适796足道

This is a very formal massage shop. The store is very large. Boss and technician service attitude is very good, there is WIFI in the massage room you can use, many massage therapists seems to be a middle-aged women. Technique is very good, service is also very thoughtful. They can provide you the shoulder and back massage first, and then give you a foot massage, knee has something hot pack. Tea is also free, the price is not expensive, about RMB50 an hour.

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