How to Get a Male Massage in Shanghai

In general, it is not difficult to get a male massage in Shanghai. You can easily get an erotic male massage when you search the internet to look for it in your area. Those are men who will advertise their services along with photos of themselves and their places. You can make the decision from those sexy men when you are looking for the ultimate happiness, pleasure and relaxation in a male massage. When you see their ads form the internet, you can pick from the different masseurs who can provide a variety of different massage service which are available. Once you log into the site, you can browse through and take a look at the masseurs as well as the services that they are willing to provide.

You will find that many men are eager to provide you with an erotic male massage in Shanghai. You can use a search on the site to decide which masseur you want to give you the erotic male massage that you are looking for based upon information that is provided on the site. This includes photographs and reviews of this massage therapist.

The following are a few famous Male Massage Spa or massage club in Shanghai for your reference, they have received the very nice comments from their customers over the past months.

1. Shanghai Door Health club

Shanghai Door Health club is located downtown actor international metropolis – Shanghai Putuo sub prime location in the new plaza, commercial street facade stores and convenient transportation. The company was founded in 2005, has 6 years of history, new and old customers from more support, resulting in the club invested heavily to expand the scale and exquisite decoration nowadays more than 200 square feet of luxury SPA Center, carefully laid out among more than 10 VIP VIP SPA care rooms, each room is carefully arranged the pursuit of high-end massage table, warm music, warm and considerate service to customers is somewhat like home.

2. Hero Man Spa

Gay-owned massage spa for gay man. More than 700sqm with 18 therapy rooms, they offer foot massage therapy, Chinese medicinal massage, hydraulic massage, Thai style body massage, full body oil massage.

3. Causeway Bay International Man SPA

The company take “Causeway bay ” the brand service as a core, originally creates the foot keeping in good health care technique. They provide the massage which may prevent and control the hypertension, the preventing and controlling nerve decline and lose sleep, prevent and control the rheumatic arthritis and the leg and foot numb, prevents and controls the cold to dispel the cold warm body, may eliminate wearily, may improve looks loses weight makes one feel relaxed is happy.

4. Man Massage Spa

Gay-friendly, 24-hour outcall massage from a mature, handsome bear masseurs. Providing quality body-to-body massage service. They guarantee that the masseurs are the same as the pictures on their website or your massage is free! No hidden fees.

5. Studio 2006

Studio 2006 features a sauna, steam room, dark room and semi-private stalls. There is a bar/café that serves drinks and a gym. Attracts both locals and tourists. Most popular with Asians who prefer other Asians. Tends to be busier at the weekends. It is nearest metro station (Jiaotong University).

6. Neil Massage

Exclusively male massage in Shanghai offering professional massage services by health-certified masseurs, 24-hour out-call services is available in this massage Spa.


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