How to have Fun in the French Cocession

The French Concession was a foreign concession c in Shanghai, China from 1849 until 1946, for much of the 20th century, the premier residential and retail districts of Shanghai, and was also the centre of Catholicism in Shanghai. The French Concession mainly locates in Luwan District(merged into Huangpu District)and Xuhui District. The eastern panhandle extends to Huangpu District. occupying the centre, south, and west of urban Shanghai, To the south-east of the French Concession was the walled Chinese city, To the north was the British concession. It was quartered by some ancient canals, in the east, this was Yangjingbang, a creek flowing into the Huangpu River. There are many streets to lose yourselves in in French Concession, walking along Fuxing Road, you will see beautiful planes trees and old buildings. You can also walk from Shaoxing Road to Taikang Road with peaceful atmosphere, and there are cafes and shops lining in the street.

The French Concession shares a convenient transportation. Metro Line 1 runs along Huaihai and Hengshan Rds. Line 10 runs west from Laoximen, Line 9 serves the south of the district.The area retains a distinct character and is a popular tourist destination. In the following, I would like to tell you the way to have fun in French Concession.

Accommodation in French Concession

The most important thing during a trip is accommodation, a comfortable hotel will make you feel relaxed. As there are lots of hotels in French Concession, I would list two hotels to introduce to you.

Mansion Hotel(首席公馆)

Address: NO.8, Xinle Road(close to North Xiangyang Road), Xuhui District


Telephone: 021-54039888

Description: Mansion Hotel located in Xinle Road, it was the office of Du Yesheng, having a history of thick taste. It has 5 floors and the whole building and decoration share a strong feeling of Old Shanghai, you will probably be shocked when walking in. 5F is a western restaurant. The environment is good, and is quiet from the noisy streets. The rooms are well equipped and clean, and the services are warm. Huaihai Road is just a few minutes away, and is very close to Hongqiao Airport.

Moller Villa(马勒别墅)

Address: NO.30, South Shanxi Road(close to Yanan RoadViaduct)


Telephone: 021-6247888thumb (6)_副本

Description: It was built in 1930S, and now is the national protection construction. It has the Norwegian spire, Gothic steepletop, Chinese glazed tile, and Thailand gashlar brick. The dome indoor is decorated by colorful glass. You will feel like entering into a mysterious country in North Europe. The rooms are specially decorated too. It also has a garden locating in the south of this building. The gate and garden ahs some Chinese flavors with Chinese guardian lions.The rooms are comfortable and the environment. Western Breakfast is available. You will take about 5mins to Metro Line2.

Shanghai Soho International Youth Hostel(上海苏州河畔国际青年旅社)

Address: NO.1307, South Suzhou Road(close to Xinzha Road Station, Metro Line1), Huangpu Districtthumb (1)_副本


Telephone:021-58888817 4006058817

Description:It is a youth hostel reconstructed by an old factory built in 1933, locating over the Suzhou River, the environment is quiet and the decoration is very unique, decorative pictures and wall paintings are all over, in a word, this place is full of art flavors. It was awarded Cultural Heritage Protection in the Asia-pacific region by UNESCO. This building is the essence of Shanghai modern building. The rooms here are well equipped and the services are warm, the price is considerablely reasonable. And it is close to Nanjing Road, the Bund and People’s Square.

Tourist attractions in French Concession

The Bund(外滩)

The Bund, also called Zhongshan Dong Yi Lu (East Zhongshan 1st Road), is a famous waterfront and regarded as the symbol of Shanghai for hundreds of years. It is on the west bank of Huangpu River from the Waibaidu Bridge to Nanpu Bridge. The most famous and attractive sight which is at the west side of the Bund are the 26 various buildings of different architectural styles including Gothic, Baroque, Romanesque, Classicism and the Renaissance. The night scene of the Bund is worth seeing with the gorgeous lights shining.The transportation is very convenient, there are lots 634994610075304274外滩of bus stations nearby, such as East Zhongshan 1ST Road station, Hongkou Road station, East Jinling Road and so on. City Sightseeing Bus Line 1 and Metro Line 2 or Line 10 are available too. You can also go there by Ferry or sightseeing Tunnel.

Xin Tian Di(新天地)

Locating in the center of Shanghai City south of Middle Huaihai Road, Xin Tian Di has become an urban attraction that holds the historical and cultural legacies of the city. It is a fashionable pedestrian street composed of Shikumen and modern architecture style. The north block the North 2531118_154402680362_2_副本Block features upscale stores and restaurants with cuisine from different countries , and the south block is a complex of shopping, entertainment and leisure. The exterior retains Shikumen Housing of old Shanghai, and the interior is full of modern and fashionable styles. Gallerys, bars, and restaurants are all over. It embodies the comfortable and convenient life of the 21st century. You can take Metro Line10 to Xin Tian Di Station and walk north, or you can take Metro Line1 to South Huangpi Road Station and walk south. Taking bus 146 to Xinye Road or Paomao Road is available too. Tunnel Line 8 to Taicang Road Station or South Chongqin Road can also reach here.

Nanjing Road (南京路)

Nanjing Road is Shanghai’s main shopping street, famously named one of the World’s Seven Great Roads in the 1930S. The road stretches from The Bund east towards Hongqiao, with Shanghai’s centerpoint People’s Square in the middle. It Stretches over Huangpu District and Jinan District, 7b72a2b2-7e93-4e8c-8dec-35d1e6890b9e_副本containing West Nanjing Road, having the hightes shop rent and is famous for luxury . While East Nanjing Road is the gathering place of tourist attractions and par stores. This place is a fusion of delicious food, shopping and leisure. You can take Metro Line 10(New Jiangwan Town Station direction) or Line2(Gunaglan Road Direction) and take off on East Nanjing Road Station. Bus 37,20,49 and 925 are available to Nanjing Road.

Dining in French Concession

Delicious food can not been missed in French Concession and there are plenty of restaurants and coffee shops in this district.

 People 6 (穹六人间)

Address: NO.150, Yueyang Road(close to Yongjia Road), Xuhui Districtthumb (8)_副本


Telephone: 021-64660505 64660505

Description: It is a restaurant located in Yueyang Road, providing fusion cuisine. The bright spot of this restaurant is the decoration which pays special attention on. Through a gate with a inductionsystem, walking across the bamboo forest trail, you will reach the hall. The walls are made by glass, creating denotation room. The food are exquisite and delicious. The warm services and fantastic environment are very attractive.

Anna Maya Vegetarian Coffee (尔苑咖啡厅)

Address: NO.3 Taojiang Road(close to Baoqin Road), Xuhui District

地址:徐汇区桃江路3号(近宝庆路)thumb (1)_副本

Telephone: 021-64334602

Description: Anna Maya Vegetarian Coffee located in Baoqin Road, it specially serves vegetarian cuisines , cakes, as well as kinds of coffee. The decoration is quite particular, it is full of Southeast Asian flavor. As a vegetarian coffee shop, the vegetarian food provided here is very healthy and delicious. The services are warm too. It is a good place to have a relax and chat with friends.

Tap Café

Address: NO.150, Nanchang Road(close to SinanRoad), Luwan Districtthumb (7)_副本


Telephone: 0213305023

Tap Café is a coffee shop which is themed by environmental protection, and the interior decoration is quite simple and clean. Soft round sofas are put on 2F, there is also a small balcony decorated by tatami in the loft. The lights are particularly selected to create a comfortable and cozy atmosphere for customers. Coffee is pure with a strong flavor, kitty cappuccino is the most recommendable one, and the desserts are tasty. Simple meals are available too.3


 Antique Garden(古董花园)

Address: NO.44,Jia, Sinan Road(close to Xiangshan Road)


Telephone: 021-53821055

Description: This coffee shop is special for its Old Shanghai decoration. It has a good atmospherethumb (6)_副本 and warm services. And the interesting one is that all the tables and desks are labeled to be sold. It provides kinds of teas, coffee and snacks. The environment is cozy and the lights are dullish, which makes this coffee shop a wonderful place to relax yourselves. 4. Recreation in French ConcessionAfter a long day, you may feel very tired, and doing massage will be a wonderful choice as you will be very comfortable and relaxed. Massage centers are all around in French Concession

SINO Spa (袭香水疗)

Address: Xin Jing Jiang Hotel, NO.161, Changle Road(close to NO.1 Ruijin Road), Luwan District


地址: 卢湾区长乐路161号新锦江国际大酒店内(近瑞金一路)

Telephone: 15921525570

Description: SINO Spa includes beauty salon, yoga room and chess room, locating at 5F of Xin Jin Jiang Hotel,offering a pure, sensory experience that leaves you refreshed. The Sino SPA in this hotel is really very nice, the decoration has southeast asian flavor. The equipment are quite complete, barber is also pretty cheap, environment is quite spacious which make people feel very comfortable.

Congen Massage Healthcare Club(康骏会馆(长乐店)

Address: 3/F, No.400, Changle Road, Huangpu District


Telephone: 021-54668968

Description: Congen Massage Healthcare Club located in Changle road, The massage in this shop is rooted in the profound traditional Chinese culture, is to relieve stress, health care, an excellent choice. You can also choose the Thai massage in this shop, it is aim at relieving people’s stress. Inspired by traditional Tang Dynasty, Southeast Asian rainforest, classic Thai and other environmental style, the guests do not need a long time, that is able to follow the professional physical therapy practices to reach the soul Pure Land, into the body and mind rather wonderful realm.

Xuanxiangguan Chinese Health Spa Club(Sinan Road)


Address: 3F, South Building, NO.30, Sinan Road(close to Huaihai Middle Road), Luwan District

地址: 卢湾区思南路30号南栋3楼(近淮海中路)

thumb (9)_副本

Telephone: 021-33301667

Description: It is a traditional Chinese health spa chain and this branch located in Sinan Road. It is committed to Tsao of traditional Chinese medicine keeping in good health. And professional doctors of traditional Chinese medicine will be available to be consulted. It provides services include healthcare acupuncture, body beauty, cupping, scrape therapy , facial care and so on. The technicians are professional and the services are quite warm.

Night life in French Concession

The night life is quite rich in French Concession, bars and KTVs are all over.


Address:2F, West Fuxing Road(close to Yongfu Road), Xuhui Districtthumb_副本


Description: This bar located in Fuxing Road, and is particular for games. The decoration is quite recherche, providing nostalgic games, many wallpapers themed by games are hang on the walls. Besides, the atmosphere here is cozy and relaxed. All kinds of alcoholic drinks are available.

Richy(Yandang Road)

Address: Fuxin Park, NO.2, Gaolan Road(close to Sinan Road), Luwan Districtthumb_副本

地址: 卢湾区皋兰路2号甲复兴公园内(近思南路)

Telephone: 021-62209898

Description: It is a famous disco club in Shanghai, the decoration is new and the location is great. The atmosphere is wonderful with exciting music and shiny lights. It has a dancing floor for customers to dance and enjoy themselves. It provides all kinds of alcoholic drinks and snacks.

Muse at Park 97

Address: Fuxing Park, NO.2, Gaolan Road, Luwan District


Telephone: 021-54810421 53828326

Description: Muse at Park 97, also called M3, has been opened for a long time. The decoration is elegant with vintage green sofas, and the environment is quite good. It plays exciting music, making customers very high. The food served here are very delicious and all kinds of alcoholic drinks are available. It is a place full of young people.

288 Bar(288酒吧)

Address: NO.288, Taikang Road(between Ruijin 2rd Road and Sinan Road) Luwan District

地址: 卢湾区泰康路288号(瑞金二路思南路间)thumb_副本

Telephone: 02164679900 54658638

Description: This bar has live bands from different countries and resident singers, making it a fantastic place to enjoy some music and relax yourselves. Customers can also sing on the stage. The cocktail provided here are pure and snacks are delicious. Activities can be held here, and the atmosphere is warm and sweet. The environment is cozy and comfortable,

 Shanghai Ge Cheng(Huai Middle Road) 上海歌城(淮海中路店)

Address: Huashi Shopping Center, NO. 688, Huaihai Middele Road(close to Sinan Road), Luwan District.

地址: 卢湾区淮海中路688号华狮购物中心内(近思南路)thumb (1)_副本

Telephone: 021-51520000

Description:Shanghai Ge Cheng is a KTV chain and this branch located in Huashi Shopping Center. It provides small, medium and big compartments equipped advanced VOD system and relatively fresh songs. The services are very warm and the atmosphere is quite good. Making an appointment in advance is a good choice and some branches will serve buffet.

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