How to open blocked sites in UAE(Dubai, Abu Dhabi)

Internet censorship is common in UAE filtering heavily in political area and selectively in security area. Examined by the TRA, also called Telecom Regulatory Authority who decides what is allowed and what is not in UAE. However, the censorship is less strict than China and Iran, and is mostly focusing on pornography, dating, gambling or things that against the moral values of the UAE, and all Israeli domains are banned as well. Nowadays, the censorship policy has been broadened, Twitter and Facebook were claimed out of the control on 07 June, 2012.

Nevertheless, quite a good deal of websites are blocked such as Wikipedia, skype and many other VOIP(Voice over Internet Protocol) websites, there still has a way to make it work via a VPN, which can simply access your private over Internet and just need a local IP. The following part of the article will introduce some great VPNS in details to help you surf the Internet on mobile devices.


Free VPNs:


Though entering into the market not for long, TorVPN greatly outstands itself for the avoidance of Internet fliters, anonymous on the Internet and high security of online security.

2. VPNBook

VPNBook was designed  latest technologies  to help bypass government censorship with quite good speeds, striving to offer you free and secure PPTP and OpenVPN service.

Paid VPNs:


Run its own data centers, VyprVPN offers you excellent speed between 160-bit to 256-bit without usage logs. Connect up to 2 devices at once is really amazing! And it will cost you $6.67 per month.


StrongVPN has been providing services for 19 years, and its huge success attributes to the good software and great speed, it charges you $7 per month and will not log any data.


PureVPN was founded a few years ago based in HK, it has excellent software and offers addresses in almost all countries. The price is 7.95 per month and is quite reasonable.

As Mentioned above, the TRA strictly crack down the Internet information involving sex, racism, hate crimes and terrorism, especially the escort websites, and after they realized that those sites will be directly accessible to the public, they blocked them. Once you want to view a sexual site in Dubai, the filtering software will start working and keep you free from this kind of information.


However, escorts are not completely disappear in Dubai as those agencies and girls have moved their business to Twitter and Facebook. Most girls skipped working in streets and just join the social networks to continue and expand their business.  But if there have any crimes involved in Facebook, the Electronic Crimes will get into investigation.  And content that is pornographic or contains nudity are forbidden in Facebook. But Twitter haven’t take any action to control the content.

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