How to Use WeChat (Weixin) Correctly

Throwing out some information on Weixin to the locals has become another way to meet girls / women (normal and working) in Shanghai. Many of people who are living or traveling here a lot probably know about this already.

34wechatWeChat (Weixin) is a mobile-only social networking app (smart phone platform) that released at the beginning of last year in China as Weixin by Tencent. Basically it’s like Whatsapp, but with many more features added such as the typical Chinese style, take something proven and then add features.

It’s free to download and use for now, although the bastard telecoms have gotten involved since it has put a huge dent into their SMS business. But they will be charging small fees for sending messages and making social ‘moments’ posts later in the year, but for now it is still free. 

Basically the golden feature of WeChat is the ‘Look Around’ function. After you register your account and create your profile, there is an awesome proximity-based function via GPS that lets you search for other users around you. Based upon the user density, it will provide you a listing of users that are within 1-2km of your position. You can filter for ‘female’ users only (and male too if that floats your boat). From there you can preview the female’s profile, and most users (80-90%) post pictures of themselves. It also lets you browse through 10 of their most recent ‘moments’. Social posts (which is simply a group of up to 9 pictures and probably a line or two of text) – mainly to check out what they look like – yep you get tons of pictures of food and random shit, but most cute girls post pictures of themselves since Chinese girls like to show themselves off especially if they think themselves cute.

Then, if you see someone you like, you can send them a greeting and see if they respond. If they respond to your message by adding / accepting you, you can chat with them and also will be able to see all their posts (dependent upon their settings, but they usually make them all public). When you travel in a new area or have downtime, you can pull up the look around function and see what girls are around. The beauty of it is that you can refresh it constantly and the pool changes depending on where you are in the city and the movement of people.

Some people may feel that they send greetings many girls but can only receive a little ‘accept’. In general, cute girls do get WeChat greeting bombs, so probably ignore most greetings. It helps to have a profile and background picture on there and some ‘moments’ posts so you seem like a regular Joe. From there you can chat and see where it leads depending on how charming you are.

Now, there are a lot of freelancers or agency users also like to use WeChat. They are pretty easy to spot by their profile pictures (girl in lingerie or super sexy outfit). And once you navigate in, the posts are more enticing pictures of the girls. Some people who use the Wechat may always get random greetings from these type users (as they probably filter males and greeting bomb). Now, Wechat are everywhere throughout the city, you can get WeChat from the Google Play store. Android or App Store for iOS. Here is their EN site if you are interested: it’s still free for now, so it’s a good time to take a look. If you download it it’s really self explanatory. The “Look Around” function is under the “Social” tab. There are only four tabs and its very streamlined.

Anyway, whether you use it for mongering or not, it’s a good service to use with friends. The nice thing about WeChat unlike other social network apps is that the circles are completely private. So none of your friends / coworkers can see the girls you post to unless they happen to have them in their circle too – if you comment on or message them on their public ‘moments’.

If you would like to know more specific functions of Wechat(Weixin), you can visit  wechat’s official website:

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        you can you Wechat so but I think you need to go and intall then later press ok ok ok the later then ok but you and use google talk it is very good

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