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20081110173822970_2Founded in 1997, the Huaxia Liangzi, as a famous brand in healthcare services, has become the leader in China’s healthcare industry. The main business of the Huaxia Liangzi includes traditional therapeutic treatments and spa treatments.

Owning thousands of employees and more than 300 chain stores all over the world, including London, Berlin, Helsinki and Hague, the Huaxia Liangzi presents excellent and healthy services to all the customers.

As the inheritor of traditional Chinese culture, the Huaxia Liangzi creates healthier and happier life to people. As a leader in health industry, the Huaxia Liangzi carries the duty of prospering its own while carrying forward the health industry at the same time.

Here are the most popular locations of Huaxia Liangzi in Beijing.

Huaxia Liangzi Massage(Hepingli Branch)
The decorations in Beijing Huaxia Liangzi Foot Massage are quiet and elegant while into it as if away from the noisy world, rest in peace of mind. If you are interested in Beijing foot massage tour and want to experience Beijing foot massage during the trip, Huaxia Liangzi Massage is surely worth a try.

Huaxia Liangzi Massage(Guomao Branch)
The Huaxia Liangzi Massage(Guomao Branch) is located at the northeast of Guomao Bridge. The furnishings here are more classic and comfortable than other branches, so is the price. The services offered by the skillful therapists include foot massage, spa and others. Free fruits, snacks and tea are available.

Huaxia Liangzi Massage(Jianwai Branch)
Huaxia Liangzi Massage Jianwai Branch is near the Jinglun Hotel. As a chain store, the Huaxia Liangzi is known for its hospitality, comfort and nice environment. The reassuring place offers professional services such as foot massage, traditional Chinese massage and Meridian massage. Free snacks and drinks are available.

Huaxia Liangzi(San Yuan Qiao Branch)
The Hua Xia Liang Zi San Yuan Qiao Branch is another luxurious branch store of Hua Xia Liang Zi in Beijing. Featuring advanced facilities, stylish ambiance and well-trained staff, the place is a booming store in the city. Services include foot massage, full body massage, hot stone therapy, fire cupping and others.

Huaxia Liangzi(Chongwenmen Branch)
The Huaxia Liangzi Chongwenmen Branch is close to the Chongwenmen New World Shopping Mall in Dongcheng District. As a large chain store, the place houses comfortable and clean environment, professional therapists and great services, including foot massage, full body massage, shoulder and neck massage, healthcare massage and others.

Huaxia Liangzi(Suzhou Bridge Branch)
The Huaxia Liangzi Suzhou Bridge Branch is located near the west gate of the People’s university. With a resplendent and magnificent cover, the place is easy to find in Haidian District. The well-experienced therapists provides professional and skilled services such as full body meridian massage, foot massage, cupping, oil massage, tuina massage and others.

Huaxia Liangzi(Fangzhuang Branch)
The Huaxia Liangzi in Pufang Road houses tasteful interior decorations and well-trained therapists. Private rooms are available. Service provided here includes cupping, skin scrub, back massage, traditional Chinese medical massage, foot massage, full body massage and others.

Huaxia Liangzi(Madian Branch)
The Huaxia Liangzi Madian Branch is located at the south of the Madian Bridge. The place features enthusiastic staffs and nice environment. Professional therapists provide services such as foot massage, cupping, skin scrub, full body massage and other healthcare treatments.

Huaxia Liangzi(Huilongguan Branch)
The Huaxia Liangzi(Huilongguan Branch) is situated at the south of the Longyue international business hotel. The interior is clean and cozy and the therapists are professional. Services provided here include foot massage, head, shoulder and back massage, meridian massage, pedicure and other healthcare therapies. Free drinks and snacks are available after the therapies.

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