Kama Club in Guangzhou

Address: Jinyi Tower, Taojin Garden, No.248, Hengfu Road, Yuexiu District, Guangzhou
Tel: 020-83580600/83585115

k1Kama Club is originally known as the HARLEY DISCO, a famous night club favored by the enthusiastic fan of Harley. The new name Kama Club is originated from the Indian Goddess Kama. More feminine sides were put into the decorations of the club. With quality material and tasteful designs, the Kama Club was opened on October 8, 2003.
As a VJ Bar in the city, the Kama Club gathers many trendsetters. One of the greatest features of the place is the changing and blurred VJ wall projection. By combining it with fantastic light and music effect, it creates a dreamy place for people to hang out.

The KTV here houses more than 80 luxuriously-decorated rooms, with the price ranging from 480RMB to 2,380RMB. Ever room is equipped with Internet access. Guest can also enjoy live broadcast of the games, matches, concerts and others vie the satellite television service.


k5The Kama Club houses rich music elements. There are different themes every month. Many famous Djs give performances here in the long-term. Well-planed parties happen every month, making the scene atmosphere very irritable.

In Kama, one thing you should never miss in their self-produced SHOOTERS and Lambourigini. The price is very reasonable, or even cheaper than other places. Apart from that, the snacks made by their cook are also very delicious.

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