Knowing the Escort Service Rates in Shanghai

As one of the largest and most developed cities in China, Shanghai has attracted a lot of people from all over the world to have a visit, because of this, there is a really big industry is rising in this city which is called Escort, the escorts in Shanghai are specialized in helping the people to enjoy the city and enjoy themselves. These ladies are ready to give you everything that you can ever ask for. You can make your own unforgettable experience with some beautiful and professional Escorts, they are the women who can not only give your body something worth remembering, but also as a guide to take you visit this modern beautiful city,

But when you are planning to spend some nice time with these girls, you may need to know more about them, especially for the Rate of these girl, just make a budget, the girls at different level will show you different rate, not all escort are expensive and not all are cheap. The following are a list of the approximate price of different kind of escort, just for you reference!

The Price of a Sauna Escort Girl in Shanghai

Sauna Escort Girl in ShanghaiIn Some large sauna center or massage places in Shanghai, you can choose an escort in a girls selection area, this type of escort girls are also called sauna girls or massage technician, After you select the girl you want to spend the time with, you will come to a private massage area where you can have fun with these girl for around 60 to 90 minutes, these girl can offer some very erotic and special massage service, The rate of these Sauna escort will be around 450 to 900 RMB. Most Sauna Clubs also will offer a second girl for around 250 to 400 RMB.

The Price of the Girl in Escort Agency in Shanghai

the Girl in Escort Agency in ShanghaiIn Shanghai, the level of escort rates is usually determined by the attractiveness of the escort and her or his popularity with clients. It mot mean that the best looking escort always command the highest rates. In many cases, the level and intimacy of the service can justify higher rates, in an escort agency in Shanghai, The common industry standard for dividing the money is 60% to the escort, 40% to the agency, through an escort agency in Shanghai, you can select different services from a normal massage up to full service, the shanghai escort agencies only provide outcall service, you can ask for a escort girl you like and then they will send her to your place, the price starts from RMB 600 for 1 hour, just based on what extra service you would like to enjoy.

The Price of Independent Escort Girl in Shanghai

Independent Escort Girl in ShanghaiIf you check Shanghai Escort Find or other escort websites, you will find thousands of independent escort girls existed in this city, it is not easy to find the real independent private escort girls in Shanghai, because many of them do not like to use the real pictures, You can never be sure how the shanghai independent escort girl will look like, it is usually more expensive than pickup or sauna girls in Shanghai, but if you choose a nice and real independent girl, it is usually safer to enjoy their service and there is no time rush, you can also get the girlfriend experience with these girls, The common price of the independent escort girl in Shanghai is One hour: RMB 1000 or more, Two hours: RMB 1500 or more and Overnight: RMB: 2500 or more.

The Price of the Girl in barber shop or small massage shop

Girl in barber shopThe escort in a Barbershop is also called barbershop girls, most of them are from massage parlors, saunas and similar establishments to constitute their sex trade with non-sexual services, like washing hair, washing feet and giving massage. Most of them are coming from countryside or not young. Usually they are paid some low basic salary and their income directly depends on the number of clients served during day, the common price can starts from 100rmb. A hand job(HJ) is 30rmb-80rmb, blowjob(BJ) 50rmb-150rmb, even you would like the full service, the rate is about 200 RMB.

The Common Price of the Streetwalker in Shanghai

Streetwalker in ShanghaiThe streetwalker is a type of an escort who solicit their customers outside of hotels, bars and other recreational places. Chinese streetwalkers usually work without pimps. In Shanghai, you will find some red light districts where you can find many streetwalkers working at there when darkness fall, Most of these girls try to earn money by themselves. Often they combine prostitution with a regular daytime job. The price of a streetwalker is based on what service they can provide, the appearance, the age of them and which district they are working in, the common price is about 50rmb-200rmb(full service). They will take you to short time hotels to have fast sex.

The Price of QQ Girl in Shanghai

QQQQ is a very popular chat software in china, so you can also through QQ to find the escort service, Most of QQ-Girls have their own apartment and most of them only provide incall service, but if you want to choose QQ girl as an escort, you may need to write and speak some Chinese, because most QQ girls can not speak English, the common rate of the QQ girl start from RMB 200 and goes up to RMB 800 for the whole night.

The Rate of KTV Girls in Shanghai

vNow in many Shanghai KTV clubs. you may that there are a lot of girls who are willing to provide escort services, You can rent a room for a night, sing there, drink and enjoy the party with sexy girls. The rate of KTV with the girl will start with 1000 RMB for overnight, and for a stunner in a KTV you can nearly nowhere expect to find a overnight for less than 2000 at the moment (than you have to pay all the KTV Fees, so all together your cost will be more than 3000 in Shanghai.

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