Leisure Clubs Conceal Erotic Services in Shajing

The erotic services of all kinds are banned by explicit order in any leisure or entertainment places. However, one insider revealed that some leisure clubs in Shajing offer HJ( handjob) to guests openly. One journalist investigated in secret today.

Today (21st September 2013), the journalist came to the Taoyuan Spa Club located near the Shajing Civil Square. The manager told journalist they could not provide special services now as their “superior departments” manage them strictly but they are able to play the “edge ball”. 

201321220509658607Soon afterwards, the manager ushered the journalist into a massage room with dim light. The room is equipped with an independent shower room and a hotel bed instead of a standard bed. Later, a massage girl came into the room. She did the massage casually which was totally different from the normal massage. 10 minutes later, she began trying to persuade the journalist into accepting the HJ(handjob).

The massage girl said, most consumers came here for this service, hence, she and all her “sisters” had been trained technically. The rate of handjob was 140 RMB and the massage girl could get 40 RMB from this service. According to this massage girl’s words, when it was busy, she could do handjob for seven or eight consumers a day and get the income of 300 RMB. Moreover, there had been special services before but the police found a firm grip recently, so they played the edge ball. However, if consumers did need special services, they can take massage girls out for 50 RMB/Hour and extra 400 RMB. 

The insider claimed that, in the recent years,  there were more and more leisure clubs in Shajing. These clubs competed with each other and in order to attract more consumers, they began to offer special services with various forms.

A leisure club named Jin Di Wang was opened 8th September this year. It’s located in the most bustling business area in Shajing. It claimed to provide healthcare services, but when the journalist came to this club, he found it offered “something else”.

In Shajing, there are not merely two leisure clubs providing illegal services according to the insider’s words. Also, this phenomenon has existed for some time and no related department stood out to control.  If related department had taken action remained to be investigated.

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