Li Xiaochuan Quintet

3.27-Li-Xiaochuan-李晓川Location: Jianghu Bar
Date: Mar 27, 2013
Address: 7 Dongmianhua Hutong, Jiaodaokou Nan Dajie, Dongcheng district
Admission: 50RMB
Contact Phone: 186-1008-7613 / 6401-5269
Time: 9pm-11.30pm

This Wednesday at Jianghu Bar, Li Xiaochuan Quinte will give us a live show of jazz style music. The jazz band has been in Beijing for quite a while and they offer great jazz music.

Nicholas Mcbride: Drum
The Australian percussionist and composer has been living in Shanghai since 1993. After completing his Diploma in Jazz at the Australian National University, he left his home town. Along with Sean Wayland and other musicians, Nicholas is one of the founding members of the non profit music organization called “Jazzgroove Association”, one of the most respected music organizations in Sydney.

Steinar Nickelsen: Keyboard
The Norwegian keyboard player not only plays keyboard but also plays piano, Hammond B3 organ and synthesizer.

Li Xiaochuan: Trumpet
Apart from being a Jazz trumpeter, Li Xiaochuan is also a composer. Graduated from Shanghai Conservatory of Music, he was majored in Classical Trumpeter. After winning the Memorial Jazz Trumpet scholarship of Richard Dalrymple in the USA in 2007, Li Xiaochuan started to concentrate on his original works.

Nathaniel Gao: Sax
Nathaniel Gao is the soul figure and saxophonist of the Red Hand Jazz Band formed by himself. After studying Jazz saxophone at the University of Northern Iowa, the Chinese-American came to China to learn Chinese and exchange ideas about music.

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