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thumb_91_1323824105Liangzi Massage, with its skilled and advanced management mode, has ranked in the leading place in China’s healthcare business. With the family’s motto of “warm hearted family members using good herbs and skilful technology to provide top quality service and earn conscience profit”, the Liangzi Massage has famous professional experts in this field training the employees frequently with skill and courtesy.

Liangzi has innovated unique and well- recognized “Liangzi Chinese medical herb ingredients” and various “Liangzi foot-bath health care method”. As a nationwide famous brand in China, Liangzi has already registered in USA, South Korea and Japan to achieve further step for its business development. Under the leadership of the founder, Mr. Zhu Guofan, Liangzi Fitness will continue to make progress and more contributions to the cause of the whole human health care development.

Here are the most popular locations of Liangzi Massage in Beijing.

Liangzi Massage(Zizhuqiao Branch)
Liangzi massage is national chain foot massage parlor. It has magnificent environment and superior decoration. When you enter into the center, everyone will bow and say hello to you. The technicians are said to have unified training before work. They have professional skills and appropriate power. They will explain your health problem in details which he found during the massage process, and tell customers how to keep fit and take care of your body.

Liangzi Massage(Zhichunli Branch)
Located at the opposite of the Zhongguancun Middle school, the Liangzi Fitness is a national chain foot massage center. The skillful masseuses here offer you the most professional services such as Chinese Medical Massage, Foot Massage and Body Massage.

Liangzi Massage(Wangfujing Branch)
Liangzi Massage has many branches in Beijing. Located in Jinyu Hutong, this branch features classic decorations. Well-trained massagists here offer professional services. Tea and snacks are free.

Liangzi Massage(Huamao Branch No.1)
Situated near the Shin Kong Place, the Liangzi Massage remains peace and quiet in the midst of noisy bustle. The newly renovated place provides skillful techniques and excellent services. With different massage style, the well-experienced therapists are very professional.

Liangzi Massage(Financial Street Branch)
The Liangzi Massage Financial Street Branch is located in B1 of the Jinchen International Apartment Building 4. With tasteful interior designs and enthusiastic staffs, the massage center provides services such as foot massage, full body massage, foot bathing and others. Situated in the prosperous financial street, the Liangzi Massage is usually crowded.

Liangzi Massage(Shijingshan Branch)
The Liangzi Massage Shijingshan Branch is located at the east of the Hualian Department Store in Shijingshan District. The place is specialized in foot massage. Guest can take a full body massage after the shower. Free drinks and snacks are provided.

Liangzi Massage(Fangzhuang Branch)
The Liangzi Massage Fangzhuang Branch in Fengtai District is located underground. Featuring cozy and clean environment and professional and kind therapists, the place is luxurious leisure location. Services provided here include foot massage and other healthcare treatments. Free parking is available.

Liangzi Massage(Huairou Branch)
As a chain store, the Liangzi Massage is known for its foot massage. Liangzi Massage Huairou Branch is located in Fule Community. It also provides other healthcare services apart from the foot massage.

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