Local Festivals in Shenzhen

Heavily tinged by lingnan culture, Shenzhen, the first immigrant city in China, has distinctive folkways. The city has its own specialized festivals.

荔枝Litchi Festival
Ever year from June to July, a variety of activities themed at litchi are held in Nanshan District of Shenzhen. Going to the litchi park with family and friends and picking those fresh litchis has become a tradition among the citizens here. You can taste the luscious litchis while feasting your eyes on the beautiful scenery. Litchi Festival has now become the City Festival of Shenzhen.


宝安区沙井金蚝节Bao‘an Shajing Golden Clam Festival
The Bao’an Shajing Golden Clam Festival is held in December every year. Living in the Pearl River where the salty water and fresh water gather together, Shajing clam is big fresh and tender. Visitors can taste the clam dishes presented by local restaurants, enjoy the photography exhibition of Clam Culture and have a one-day ecological tour in clam hometown. The festival helps a lot in promoting the tourism and culture industries in Shenzhen.


黄金海岸旅游节 深圳Shenzhen Gold Coast Tourist Festival
The festival starts from September to November every year. It includes International Sand Carving Festival, Beach Music Festival, Kite Festival and Food Festival. By presenting unique beauty of the gold coast with Wutong Mountain, Dameisha and Xiaomeisha, the festival brings unforgettable experience to visitors.


金色罗湖美食购物节Louhu Shopping & Food Festival 
The Louhu Shopping & Food Festival is held in every October. The festival is a paradise for shopping and dining. Visitors can learn the food culture of Louhu while enjoying the delicious and healthy food at fashionable bars and restaurants. The 7-story Louhu Commercial City is a popular shopping center where visitors can find various cheap things, including clothes, shoes, watches, handbags.


International Beer Festival shenzhenInternational Beer Festival
Held in every July and August, the International Beer Festival is a very famous and impressive tourist party. Caesars Palace and Rome Holiday Plaza are mostly the places where the events are held. The festival offers foreign hot dances, acrobatics, magic, rock music and beer carnival.


shenzhen龙岗舞龙Longgang Dragon Dance Festival
Longgang is known as the “Town of the Dragon”. Hakka in this area consider dragon as their mascot. They perform dragon dance, lion dance and Kirin dance to create a jubilant atmosphere for the festival. The festival is usually held around “Chinese New Year” in the first lunar month.
The dragon dance can be traced back to 300 years ago. With strong local color, it also promotes the ‘Dragon Culture’. There are even dragon-theme parks, squares and sculptures. People can enjoy Hakka food and snacks while watching the performance.

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